Tuesday, July 27, 2010

yeah, I'm cute

Not me... well me, too. But my cat. 

I .Love. My. Cats. (duh)

Isn't Lola adorable? 

Pay attention to meeeee-ow! Meeee-ow!

She likes to PRETEND she's not a house cat and/or PRETENDS she doesn't like to cuddle.
Proof here little kitty, photographic proof. Nah! 

Work it kitty :)


'til next time ya'll... 


  1. all parents think their kids are cute. i love it when people adore their animal children. mine are my 3 4 legged girls, ...i love to say come on girls....i love every aspect of their being

  2. Yes the cat is cute. Enough said about cute cats!

  3. What a gorgeous boy! You should take a picture with him and enter The Worlds Best Cat Litter contest going on right now - enter by Feb 6 to win a free year of litter!

  4. I have 5 furbabies and they all have their weird little personalities. One cat is afraid of everything, one is a scrapper but she tries to act cute. She attacks the sound system when it goes off and climbs up walls. Yeah. Both she and the other cat beat up on my scaredy cat. Two cats hate the dog and the crazy one loves the dog. Oh and I have a rabbit. She is the best behaved. They are all beautiful...

  5. I have always been a cat person. I grew up in a house that had dogs. When I was out on my own the first thing I did was get a cat. They are so independent. I love it.


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