Saturday, June 23, 2012


A little birdie told you I'm thirty, flirty and thriving! Well, somewhat? The last part is a line from one of my favorite movies starring Jennifer Garner, 13 going on 30. Don't know it? Basically, a girl has a horrible 13th birthday, and wishes to wake up "thirty, flirty and thriving". And she does. So, if you wanna know more? Watch it ;)

The update to this blog corresponds to my thirtieth birthday. Yesterday, June 22nd, was my thirtieth birthday. I read on a blog about a woman who journals every meal her family eats, even if it is takeout or simple and quick dinners. I loved that idea. I figured, WHY NOT TRY IT? So, I figured I would write down the meals each date that my family eats for supper, and to begin writing here more consistently. Why not begin it at a new decade of my life? This blog won't mirror hers, HER BLOG IS JUST TOO FANTASTIC FOR ME TO BE A COPYCAT! Plus, I'm totally not the same person as she. And it's better than a New Year's resolution, which I just don't do. I figure, why wait until January 1 to start doing something you should just do TODAY? Because if you wait until tomorrow... tomorrow never comes.

Also, since I had bariatric surgery, I have spent a lot of time with that online community. I have made many friends, people whose joys I share, sorrows I wish I could take away, and personalities with whom I just click. I run, oversee, moderate and participate in multiple support groups, learning from and educating people all over the country and world.

Reaching out through Obesity Help's message boards led me to groups of men and women that have helped guide me closer to a greater acceptance of myself as a person. My dearest group of misfits have led me to a better understanding of human behavior, why we do the things we do, and mostly unconditional support. Another group of women that are dear to me, are sharing what it is to be pregnant after having weight loss surgery and accepting the scale to climb again after such a fight to make that number go lower. I love helping support these women through things in their lives, and am so grateful for the support they provide me in return. These groups have given me a fantastic group of friends I would have never had the opportunity to have meet otherwise.

I am all about empowering ourselves to accept who we are, NOW, not waiting to find the happy of WHEN. I question if I am the skinniest I am ever going to be, if I am a good mother, if I should stop breastfeeding my daughter, how I should cut my hair, where I am going to take my career. Life is all about questioning and should be about reflection- and moving forward but accepting the right now as okay, too. I am still learning to do this most days. Aren't we all?

I may not be *perfect* or *the best*, but I'm the best, most perfect ME I can be.

Loving myself, my gift to me for the big 3-0.


  1. Even though I have never met you in person, I feel like I know you if that even makes sense. :) I am excited to be following your blog...

  2. It is great to have a support group, and I am glad that you have one. I like your attitude on life.

  3. Oh, to be thirty again! I would change a lot of things. I didn't have a crystal ball to see ahead.

  4. happy birthday for being 30!!!! :) hope you had a great day!


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