Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Absolutely Adorable Bumps

I love looking at photography. I love how photos capture moments and freeze them in time. I never took professional maternity pictures, and I love seeing all the adorable Halloween ones. So here's a few adorable ones from the interwebs.

halloween pregnant pumpkin belly picture
Photo by Lynn Washington


From That's Life

Photo from Birth Without Fear
Photo from BabyCenter
Photo from


  1. I would never have thought of this! How very creative. I think the second picture is the most dramatic.

    1. Thanks! I'm totally loving painted baby bumps! <3

  2. Those are some sweet bumps. Though Halloween is still a while away, makes me wanna pull out my paints this instant and snazz up my bump.

  3. Wow all those bellies look so cute!! All painted and pumpkined up! I bet those ladies had a blast doing this. What a great memory to have, I wish I thought of something like this before :)

  4. Wow those bellies look adorable all painted up like pumpkins!!! Great way to remember your halloween baby!

  5. What adorable pumpkins, so cute. Hopefully no one went into labour and had to rush off to the hospital still sporting the pumpkin ;-)

  6. absolutely adorable those pumpkins. Hopefully no one was surprised by a sudden onset of labour and had to rush to hospital still sporting the pumpkin on their tummy. Still no doubt there would have been lots of smiles in the delivery room :-)

  7. These "pumpkins" are so cute! I would like to hear the little ones when they are told that they were a pumpkin before they were born.

  8. These are adorable. A girl at work once wanted to do this but do a Mike from Monsters INC but they said it wasn't allowed O.o

  9. What an great idea! I can see doing this for every Holiday during your pregnancy and taking pix for the baby book.

  10. Very Cute!! Is there a Christmas version of this as well?...I wonder. Thank you for this post, I found it very funny.


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