Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Citrus Lane: September Review

Today I'm going to tell you all about another awesome subscription box company, called Citrus Lane. The boxes consist of items great that are chosen by moms for moms and kids up to age three. Citrus Lane boxes are $25 per month, but there are always coupon codes around online and you get discounts for signing up for multi-month packages.

Green Sprouts Slicker Bib
Little piggies, meet your match. This large, colorful bib from Green Sprouts has a catch all trough for adventurous eaters! The durable velcro closure keeps it comfortably secure, while the waterproof, lightweight material and flip pocket design make it super easy to clean once feeding time is over. I love how it has the pocket on the bottom to catch all those dropped foods that Little Miss A seems to collect.  I have been packing this in her lunchbox for daycare, and her teachers love how easy it is to clean and liquids don't absorb into the bib and wet her clothing... It  allows her to be more independent with eating since an adult doesn't have to hover to try and keep things clean. And the cute pink whale pattern, totally adorable.

BABYBUG September Issue We can’t recommend BABYBUG enough! The lovely illustrations will capture your child’s attention, while the compelling songs and rhymes will engage her. BABYBUG magazines are sturdy enough to stand up to endless repeat reading.
I love this little magazine. I received BABYBUG in a bluum box a few months back and considered getting a subscription, but I lost the discount code and decided to wait. I love how the magazine is interactive and engages the baby by encouraging looking for and pointing out items on the pages. The absolute best thing about this magazine? Absolutely no advertisements inside! I know I can't be the only mom out there that gets frustrated at marketers preying on children.  
This month, we received a couple sample packages of nuturme baby/toddler foods.
NurturMe offers organic fruits and vegetables, quick-dried to retain more nutrients than canning or freezing. One recyclable pouch, mixed up with water, breast milk, or formula, makes 2.5 ounces of food- perfect quantity for the little ones that are just learning to eat. I love the concept of reducing packaging waste by freeze drying the foods, thus reducing this product's carbon footprint. They even use recycled materials for the outer box. An unopened pouch lasts up to 24 months, which is great because NurturMe grows with your child: it’s ideal for “hiding” extra fruits and vegetables in soups, smoothies, and pasta sauces! Two more things that make this brand a winner for me: Nurturme products are Non-GMO and the crops used in their products are all from US farms, supporting our farmers right here in the US. I am anxiously awaiting an expanded product line in the future!

Rich Frog Tub Sponge: Calico Cat
We can’t help smiling at this bright sponge’s big, friendly face! A practical bath accessory that provides plenty of fun, it’s made of soft terrycloth, with a convenient hook for easy hanging and quick drying. And here’s a surprise: this snuggable toy even floats, for maximum bath time giggles. Little Miss A has been in a pouring phase lately, so to be able to soak up and squeeze out water makes her laugh so much during bath time.

Begin Again Worm
Your wiggle worm will love to get their hands on this fun toy from Begin Again. Made of sustainably-grown woods and stained with a baby-safe stain, this worm was a big hit with our testers. The innovative shape and flexibility will encourage your baby’s grasping sk ills—and big smiles, too! Little Miss A has played with this a few times, and I absolutely love that it is made from wood.

This box was pretty awesome. Based on average pricing, the items in this box come to about $40. The boxes are $25 per month, so for me, I see the value in this subscription box. There are other subscription boxes that are slightly less expensive, but their quality is not equal to the quality of Citrus Lane. 

So friends, what's the hold up? Sign up for Citrus Lane using my referral link! Using my referral link gives me credits towards future boxes or purchases in their pop-up shop. Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You’ll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

I purchased my Citrus Lane subscription and did NOT receive this box for free. Any and all opinions are 100% mine.

Please contact me via email if you would like me to review your product or subscription service.

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