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WittleBee: August Review

 WittleBee: August Review

 Another subscription box review.Today I'm going to review the clothing club, WittleBee. Here's the info about WittleBee:
For $39.99/month, They ship new kids clothing items right to your door. You receive 6-10 items (depending on when you subscribed), with a retail value of at least $100. Their service is meant to supplement your child's existing clothing supply with new, fun items. They focus on children's clothing essentials that are soft and high-quality from ages newborn to 5T. You can mix and match for multiple children or switch between boy/girl or even age/size, whichever is easiest for you! They provide the following: onesies, t-shirts, leggings, dresses, socks, rompers, really all of the basics. They don't appear to provide pajamas or outerwear, but there has been some discussion recently about both of these. As your child grows so can the sizes of clothes you receive each month. All clothes are yours to keep. If you wish to return the clothes we are happy to take them and donate the clothes to charity.


So, this month's box was a quite decent one- I received one replacement item from a previous box, so I got nine items this month. I got a duplicate WittleBee giraffe onesie, exact same size as last month, but otherwise this box is a winner. From the top left, clockwise here are the items I received in this box: 

*Two kicky pants Bamboo Ruffle onesies in pink and natural 12-18 months
               $20 ea, found on clearance for $10
*Tea Collection dress 12-18 months
               $30, found on clearance for $12.83
Laughing Giraffe Grape colored dress 12-24 months
               $15-20 Unable to find retailers, only available through wholesale sellers for ~$5.40 each
Vitamins Baby Green floral top with matching yellow and green skirt/leggings 12-18 months
               $30 On clearance through hookprice for $11.99
Baby togs Kidswear Co pink striped faux necklace ruffle top and lacey bottoms 12 months
               $~30, similar items on sale $7.50
WittleBee by American Apparel giraffe onesie 12-18 months

Based on my calculations, the estimated value of this box is between $70 - $160 depending on location of purchase and if you're smart and NEVER pay full price (like myself).

As far as quality of the items, half are great and brands I purchase my daughter regularly (denoted with asterisk). The other brands are questionable in regards to quality, style and durability.
*The Kicky Pants onesies are two of my favorite items in this month's box. The material is extremely soft, I just want to rub it against my cheek over and over. 
*Tea Collection is one of my most favorite brands and I was excited to FINALLY get this brand in my box. I was really frustrated with my last few boxes because none of them had Tea in them. The reason for my frustration is about a week or two before they announced they would be carrying Tea, I spoke with customer service and told them that Tea and Zutano are two of my favorite brands and that's the style I love. You'd think with that notated on my account that I would receive Tea once they started packing it. Nope, not so much.
The WittleBee by American Apparel onesie is cute, but it's an exact duplicate item from last month. I love the brand and can't wait to see what else WittleBee has up their sleeves for their brand.
The laughing giraffe dress was a pretty color, felt like a really nice t-shirt material; however, after one wash (all natural detergent and on COLD) it faded like it had been worn at least 20 times. Extremely disappointing.
The Vitamins Baby outfit is cute, I'm sure I'll put my daughter in it once or twice, but I doubt this outfit becomes a regular in the weekly wardrobe. I can buy this brand at Sams Club, so I am not excited or impressed that they use it.
The Baby Togs brand is something I probably would have never purchased as a set. The faux lacey leggings are cute, but the top with the "tutu" skirt and the faux pearl necklace is a little too cliche and ugly for me. I will likely use the pants, but pass the top on to someone else.

I put my subscription on hold for a few months, as I need to get settled and see how the fall/winter Arizona weather is like before I get our next box!

Has anyone signed up for WittleBee or another clothing subscription box? How'd you like it?

If you decide to sign up for WittleBee, please use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!  If you use my link, I do receive $10 off my next box, with a limit of $100.

I did NOT receive this box for free; any and all opinions are those of the author. However, I would be glad to review any subscription boxes or products. Please contact me via email if you would like me to review your product.

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