Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLUUM Toddler Box: April Review

I just LOVE subscription boxes! I'm a subscription box junkie. It's my weakness, for sure. As a full-time working mother, I am way too busy to research new products. I love finding new brands/products for my family and our readers! I subscribe to quite a few boxes, and it's always a fun little surprise each month when I open it!

I have been receiving the bluum subscription boxes for over a year now.

This Month's theme for 20-month olds is "World of Colors" 

This month we got some good stuff, box totally STUFFED full. Absolutely loving this month's stuff.
What they say: Colors & Shapes Flash Cards will offer your little one a fun and easy way to practice their colors and shapes. The cards help reinforce colors, early geometry, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations.

What I say: these are great for teaching these skills early, reinforcing learned skills. However, for a 21 month old, I feel flash cards are just a wee bit early. Maybe in another 6-12 months... But in the meantime, I'll use them for work! They are a good quality flash card, not flimsy, so they'll be able to handle the wear and tear of a lot of use and abuse. 

Bendon Publishing International - Colors (Chunky Fun)
Have fun learning about playtime in this chunky first words book! This book is a part of a series of 6 other books, including Colors, Numbers, Food, Playtime, Alphabet, and Animals. I definitely want to get my hands on the other books in this set because Nugget really loves this book!!! 

What they say: Eight familiar shapes are featured in this extra-thick wooden puzzle with easy-grasp, chunky pieces. Each piece has a matching picture underneath and the shape name is printed on the puzzle board. Encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and matching. 

What I say: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this puzzle. Nugget enjoys it so much and I love to watch her take the pieces, but them in her hello kitty purse, walk around and then put the puzzle together again. The shapes are circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, triangle, diamond and heart (thank God there's no hexagons, crescents or clovers!). I'd say the thing I like the most about this puzzle is that the background of the shapes matches the color of the puzzle piece perfectly, making this puzzle completely  age appropriate for Nugget's age group. Hands down, one of my most favorite puzzles we own. I won't lie- I take it to work with me on quite a few occasions!

Ella's Kitchen - Nibbly Fingers-Apple/Strawberry

What they say: Our yummy Nibbly Fingers snack bars are packed with organic fruits, veggies + whole grain oats and don't have the tiniest smidge of concentrates or refined sugars. They're the perfect size for toddler's hands + tummies, and come in handy, individually wrapped packages for easy grab and go.
What I say: We love some Ella's Kitchen. I'd say I get these in a box at least once a month or so. It's a good thing Nugget likes them!!! Love the fact they're organic and it makes me especially happy that they're the perfect size for her little hands!

 What they say: Baby legs are the ultimate parenting essential. With so many functions - keeping baby warm, protecting precious knees while crawling, and making diaper changes a snap - it's no wonder that moms everywhere love these fashionable accessories. 
What I say: Give me a onesie and some baby legs and we're good to go. LOVE LOVE LOVE baby legs at this house. We probably have a good 20+ pair, or more if I actually counted! LOL! And the Crayon style, perfect for this month's theme box!                      

Luna - Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar

What they say: Sweet satisfaction in a high protein bar created just for women. LUNA Protein lets us indulge while it helps us stick to our best intentions, with nutritious ingredients and the power of protein to keep us feeling full. 
What I say: I'm not a huge fan of Luna bars, but my sister enjoyed it for me! I think it's something to do with figs (or at least that's what my sister tells me- ha!). Definitely enjoy a little snack here and there for mama.

The thing about these vouchers that we get in these boxes is that we have to SPEND money to get the "bonus" from the vouchers. I don't think I've used a SINGLE voucher from a SINGLE subscription box in OVER a year. So if you figure I get 3-4 different boxes a month, and each has a voucher. Yeah. I'd much rather a $ off voucher than a % off voucher. It just makes life much easier. I don't want to have to SPEND more money to get a "special" deal, when I can likely find a similar coupon code online. Just sayin' subscription box curators.

I can't wait until next month's box, I've already previewed the teasers and can't wait to see what's in it! Why haven't you signed up yet? Go get you some bluum! If you use my affiliate link to purchase a subscription, I receive points towards free months of boxes. So, please help a sister out and use my link, PLEASE :) xoxoxo

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