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Loving People Towels- Organic Hand Towels you take with you

Before we moved from Ga, we had a pretty good system of using more reusable towels for cleaning up messes, drying our hands, and were even finally using cloth napkins at every meal. And no, there's nothing extra "fancy" about using cloth napkins. It made more sense- less paper towels that cost anywhere between 5-15 cents each, and you never just use one... Even paper towels made from recycled materials still uses some "virgin" pulp (trees), water, energy and tons of chemicals. So, even if you spend the few extra dollars on "recycled" material paper towels in your home, you're still not decreasing your carbon footprint. However, I won't lie. My cloth napkins are still packed in with my china, in the garage. Which needs to be unpacked. Tomorrow, while Nugget is at Pre-School.

I came across this company called PeopleTowels on about 6 weeks ago while ordering other stuff for Nugget (pajamas and more fluff, to be honest). I figured since I was already going to be racking up a pretty nice total, I'd love to pick up a few of these adorable towels for our house to use in the kitchen, wipe up face messes, etc. I liked the designs, the price really wasn't bad, especially for organic, fair trade, 100% cotton cloths. They measure 9" x 9" inches per towel, made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, are Certified Fair Trade and made with Eco Friendly, low impact dyes.  They are super light weight, and the fabric is highly absorbent & fast drying that features a cloth loop on the back of the top right corner for easy attaching to hooks or kitchen knobs!

From People Towels' facebook page
Once I received them and started using them, I absolutely had to contact PeopleTowels to see if they'd like us to review their product here on The Nurse Mommy. Well, they said yes, because here we are! I've had a few great email exchanges with the co-founder and found that although they typically do not work with bloggers, she could tell just how much I really loved her product. While I intended on using PeopleTowels primarily for home use, Linda told me about their inspiration for their product and I was in love. She told me that PeopleTowels developed their product after a Japanese tradition of Bring Your Own "BYO" towels, where instead of using paper towels out in public, you use your own small hand towel that you bring. If you don't BYO towel, then you just wipe your hands on whatever (front or back of pants, etc)... This idea is just brilliant. I mean how often do we see cans like the one to the right? Really!?

Here's what PeopleTowels says about their product:
People Towels are the newest concept in sustainability, and the latest in eco-chic fashion. An on-the-go, sustainable alternative to paper towels in public facilities, these reusable personal hand towels are made of a patent-pending fabric that’s 100% certified organic Fair Trade cotton.  The light-weight fabric is absorbent, yet dries quickly.
While reusable personal hand towels are new to the US, the Japanese have been using personal hand towels in public for decades. Japan is an island nation with limited space for waste disposal, so they are very Eco-conscious and value conservation. Usually there are no disposable paper towels in public facilities in Japan. You either dry your hands with your own reusable hand towel or there’s always the “back of the pants” alternative.

In the US, disposable paper towels are widely available in public facilities. We can all picture those wastebaskets overflowing with paper towels. The average person alone uses 2,400 – 3,000 paper towels at work a year. Like plastic grocery bags, disposable water bottles and paper cups, single-use paper towels leave a big carbon footprint on the planet.

Simply tote your reusable PeopleTowel in your bag, purse, or backpack and take it out to dry your hands after washing in public facilities. Use a PeopleTowel for a day or two then throw it in the wash or hand wash it. It’s simple, easy and a small sustainable eco-habit with a tremendous positive environmental impact.
Check out People Towels' Inspiration page for more of their story.

So, I decided to take the challenge. I clipped a PeopleTowel into my purse using a metal binder ring while out running errands. Each store I went into that I would have used a napkin or each time I would have used a paper towel in the ladies' room, I used my PeopleTowel. But, for experimental purposes, I tried to remember to grab a napkin, paper towel or whatever I'd be drying my hands off with. One lady at Target even said "How cool and green is that!".

 So, how many towels did I save today? Well, including supper (where I would have used my fancy paper napkins), I would have saved at least 10-12 paper towels. Now, if you include places like Target with the pull down levers, I definitely would have used more paper towel. Why? Because, people really like to pull that thing down, one person pulled it down FIVE times! Who needs that much paper towel to dry their hands?

So below is an example of how a PeopleTowel compares to other sized towels and napkins.

Comparison 1: PeopleTowel versus regular roll paper towel. 
The People Towel absorbs MORE and is reusable.


Comparison 2: PeopleTowel versus paper towel from office bathroom 
(the pull out roll of the circle kind). Three sheets came out in one pull. Now, this is office, specifically caters to children, so imagine how much more fun they have pulling out MORE paper towels.
The People Towel WINS again.


Comparison 3: PeopleTowel versus paper napkin from restaurant
 Now, every single person here knows that you end up using like ten of these when you're out eating. At least, if you have a couple People Towels in your purse or diaper bag, less waste. PLUS- a wet PeopleTowel is much easier to clean the face of a messy little Nugget, rather than these napkins that disintegrate.

 Comparison 4: PeopleTowel versus "fancy" dinner napkin at home
 This is really just for size comparison. I'm sure I could use this as a dinner napkin if my cloth ones don't make it out of storage, but they definitely work!!


As you can tell, I absolutely love PeopleTowels. One more thing about PeopleTowels? They belong to a foundation called 1% for the Planet, in which the members donate 1% of their profits which then are disbursed to environmental agencies- there are literally thousands of non-profits benefiting from this foundation. If that's not one more reason to love a small business in this crazy economy, then I don't know what is!

Stop Waste Before it Starts – Precycle with Reusable PeopleTowels
The PeopleTowels’ Formula summarizes the environmental benefits of reusable PeopleTowels:
The green sustainable choice is clear: 
precycle with reusable PeopleTowels and stop waste before it starts.


  1. This sounds like a great product and an environmentally friendly investment. Thank you for this review.

  2. I love products like this, everything is so use one time and toss these days.

  3. These are really nice, I wish this was the norm.

  4. We always recycle whenever we can. I also try to purchase product made of recycled goods. I didn't know about this product, and will be looking for it. Thanks for the info!


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