Sunday, June 23, 2013

Do you have life insurance? Why EVERY parent should have life insurance.

No one wants to plan for death. No one wants to write a will, no one wants to think of their family moving on, no one wants to think of what their family would need after they are gone. No one wants to think of the fact that, in an instant, we could be gone.

Do you have Life Insurance? The answer should be yes. Whether or not you work full-time or part-time out of the home, even if you are a Stay/Work at Home Mom, you NEED life insurance. It's a scary thought to think of what your family would do if something happened to you and how they would manage without you, but it is an extremely real possibility that needs to be discussed with your partner.

Being a working mother or a stay/work at home mom, it's a choice. I know many well-educated women who have made the choice to stay home with their children. I know women in my exact field that have chosen to stay home with their children for a couple years. Some days, I envy them. Some days I wish I could cut back to part time work, I feel like my daughter would be missing out on the experience at pre-school, though I know there's always play groups and such we could join in on.

Regardless, as a working mother, I have to have life insurance. It's imperative. It's a non-negotiable. If something were to happen to me, I don't want to leave my family left with my student loan debts, child care costs, or funeral expenses. Although we currently rent, I would want my husband to be able to settle into, and purchase a home to create stability for our daughter and potential future babies. Though we are blessed that I have a well-paying job and a career that I love, if something were to happen to me, my husband would be left with expenses that I cover each month. Granted, I don't feel like "MY" income only covers child care and my student loans; because, we are a team and our income is  a collective. But, bottom line, the loss of my income would make paying those expenses extremely difficult on my husband. We lived on one income for about 5 months while we were in the process of moving last year. Bottom line, my income is necessary; because, even with skimping, cutting back and pinching pennies, we barely made it most months.

For the stay at home mother? SAHMs need life insurance, too. Want to know why? If something were to happen to you, who would do all the jobs that you do? Taking care of your children, keeping the home in order and functioning, educational costs, cost of funeral, maintaining the current lifestyle your children are accustomed to, everything. Just think about it. Child care costs can be upwards of $9,000-14,000 a year, for ONE child. There are less expensive alternatives, but this is pretty average.

There's multiple types of life insurance that are out there, from term policies that cover a specified period of time, to whole life policies, to universal and even ones that are limited to accidental death of dismemberment. There's so many companies out there, but you should definitely try GIO for life insurance comparison to see what your insurance needs would be, and to compare different policies with your needs.

Please mamas, don't delay! 
This is something that can't just wait another day, 
talk to your partner, tonight about life insurance.

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