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Keekaroo Right Height High Chair with Infant Insert Review and Giveaway: Stylish, Functional, and Grows with your Child

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Style, Function & Affordability.

The wooden Height Right High Chair from Keekaroo offers the safe and comfortable seat your child needs during mealtime. The adjustable wood high chair is ideal for children from 6 months to adults up 250 lbs. When used with the wooden tray, this system is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for children up to 3 years old. The Height Right High Chair also aids with proper seating posture.

Highlights of the Keekaroo Infant Insert are:
Water Resistant Water Resistant: Fluids cannot penetrate into the infant seat, stopping mold or deterioration

Protective Layer/Anti Microbial Protective Layer: Surface allows for immediate cleaning

Soft to the Touch Soft to the Touch: Soft surface creates comfortable seat

Puncture Resistant Crack/ Puncture Resistant: Designed for hospitals, durable outer shell withstands everyday demands

Easy to Clean Easy to Clean: Solid surface wipes down easily and limits bacteria growth

Promotes Good Posture Promotes Good Posture: Designed to provide stability and proper hip posture

Adjustment to Kids Chair: After outgrowing the tray, your child can still use the Height Right High Chair as a Kids Chair. Pull it up to the table and adjust the seat and foot plate to correct height and comfort level for your child.

Detach Tray: Using the attached tray clips, remove the cover plates and replace with the tray clips. The tray slides into the tray clips and locks into place. To remove the tray, lift up on the locks, push in the safety catches, and pull out. Tray Clip Locks are under the tray and must be disengaged to remove the tray. This safety feature keeps your child from mistakenly moving the tray out of position.

Proper Cleaning of Tray Cover: For quick cleans, any mild soap and warm water can be used, but for more extensive cleaning, the tray cover is dishwasher safe.

Proper Cleaning of Height Right Chair: Wipe down the chair with mild soap and warm water. Thoroughly wipe dry, as with any wooden furniture.

What is the optimal seat and foot plate height for my child’s size? Where YOUR child is comfortable! In most cases parents set the Height Right Chair up to lift a child to a “normal” table height… thus the name Height Right. A good rule of thumb is to have the backrest touch the child’s back at or above the shoulder blades. The seat plate will be adjusted to accomplish this, and should also be set depth wise to leave around 1 inch of space between the end of the seat plate and the back of the child’s knees. The seat is also placed at an optimal height when the child’s elbows are level with the top of the table. The foot plate should then be set so that the child is sitting comfortably on the seat plate and is still supported under his/her feet by the foot plate. The foot plate is placed at an optimal height when the child’s feet can rest flat on its surface with little or no under-thigh pressure at the leading edge. Favor having the foot plate in a position where they can comfortably reach since this should have a calming effect on children, as well as a positive impact on Parent’s ability to digest a decent meal. You’ll know when they are properly positioned by how comfortable they look while in the Height Right High Chair.

Unmatched Durability: Keekaroo was tested in the medical/special needs market. The Height Right High Chair and all of it's soft-to-the-touch cushion accessories passed all standards for this field. 

See, Nugget is just as excited about fun mails as I am!

I was so excited to receive this chair for review. We had been using one of those "plastic" multiple function high chairs, but the booster chair never was able to go up to the table for her to JOIN us. Instead, only allowing her to eat with her tray, setting her back away from the table.

See, the beauty of this chair is that it's DESIGNED to fit your child just right. And as your kiddo grows, you remove the tray and they come right up to the table with your family. See, as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, we do a lot of feeding therapies. When we're doing the therapy, we really look at the ENTIRE meal- how they sit, where they sit, what time they're eating, if they're eating with the family, THEN it comes to the actual what they're eating and figuring out if it's actual muscular tone, sensory aversion to many foods or allergies. That's why this chair is fantastic. It brings your child right up to the table so you have dinner, together, AS A FAMILY UNIT.

Not only that, but my boss is even looking forward to purchasing at least one of these for each clinic. They're so easy to put together and they're quick and easy to adjust. It's perfect when we have company visit because we can swap chair levels and it's not a hassle.

I love this chair so much that when we have another baby (in the FUTURE PEEPS), that we'll be getting this chair from the get-go. Just remember, this chair is just like any chair in that you want to WAIT until baby is able to independently support their and neck. Once they're able to do this, be ALL over this chair, that's for sure.

So, what did I think about the Keekaroo Right Height High Chair with the infant insert? 

I love it. My husband loves it. My daughter loves it.

I love this chair so much, that we'll be getting it immediately for our future next (still hypothetical peeps) baby.
My only feed back is that they currently have a litmited wood stains and booster seat color schemes. However,  I think as the company grows they'll be expanding their line, and quite possibly their selections.

Need one now? Well, you could buy one at many major retailers, or my personal favorite, AMAZON (free shipping rocks)! 

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