Saturday, April 26, 2014

Give yourself a break: Light it up!

There are times in a mom's life when things can be hectic, frustrating, upsetting, and yes even dark.  I LOVE being a mom, but sometimes I give so much of myself that I forget even the brightest lantern needs to have it's oil replenished. It has taken many dead ends for me to realize that I need to find ways to refuel myself before I become empty.

One of my favorite quickies (come on ladies, don't even think I'm talking about the bedroom) is simply lighting a candle.  I have found that taking a few precious moments for myself and lighting a scented candle helps me become centered, relaxed, and refueled.  Ideally this is awesome when taking a nice warm bath or reading a book - but let's keep it real, ladies.

Typically I get my quickie by lighting a candle before I get in the shower.  While in the shower I try to imagine the warm water rinsing all of my stress and worries down the drain.  Then once I am clean (or at least clean enough) I enjoy the relaxing fragrance while getting dressed in the candlelight with the lights down low.

I remind myself to take a moment by enjoying a few deep breaths: inhaling relaxation and hope - exhaling everything that weighs me down.  I then extinguish the candle and after taking one last cleansing breath - open the door.  While I can not promise that you will be ready to face your greatest trials - and yes the shadows at night that must be monsters; however I do believe that after lighting a candle things may just appear a little brighter.

Disclosure:  Ramblings of Mama is not responsible for any melted candles, burnt fingers,  mamas who fall asleep in the shower, women who are so mellow from this experience that they put their clothes on inside out, those who choose to never open the bathroom door, mellow/relaxed women who not noticing the upright seat plunge butt first into the cold harsh reality of toilet water,  sacred bathrooms that no longer admit males to simply leave up the toilet seat,  children who believe that flame throwing is a game, houses that burn down, and/or any other real or make-believe mayhem that results for the candle quickie.

We do however take complete responsibility for any positive experiences that may result. Enjoy the light ladies!


  1. Absolutely!!! We all need a little times to ourselves even if its a short moment.

    1. Brittney, I agree with you completely! I often find that those who take care of others forget to take care of themselves. That is why we are going to occasionally post ideas of the little things we can do for ourselves. We believe that those little moments can make a big difference, Thank you for taking the time to comment! I love hearing from our fabulous readers!!! Also, if there is every anything in particular you would like to see a post on - just let me know!


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