Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introducing: Heather

I'm Heather, and I'll be joining Michelle here on Ramblings of Mama as a contributing editor. 

I was waiting for Michelle to post an introduction, but didn't feel like waiting till 2015. As we all know,  Michelle tends to work on her own timeline, which may or may not be with the rest of the world- she calls this "Sluszka time" or "Polish time". But as we all know, right now, she's on her quest to find herself and her happy. I personally believe that all moms come to a point where they need to turn inward, see the strength within them, and either choose their path or pave a new one.
I'm looking forward to sharing stories with you amazing readers and getting to know all of you!

So here's the story of my life,
as an exhausted stay at home mom and wife.
I got two kiddos that I adore,
even sometimes they make me want to roar.

I believe in warm hugs and friendly words,
and make silly rhymes others think are absurd.
I strive to nurture my family and create a loving home,
even though sometimes I feel quite alone.

My daughter is 7 and loves to create art,
My 5 year old son enjoys tearing things apart.
I love crafts and do project for fun,
but need them super easy to get them done.

In my pre-kid life I loved to teach.
Helping kids learn reading, writing, and speech.
Directing plays was also my thing,
I love turning learning into a game.

I'm a crunchy AP mom who thinks natural is best,
but am nowhere near perfect - as Michelle can attest.
I believe all families need to find their own groove,
and there is no perfect formula for all to approve.

My posts will come from my journey each day,
as I simply try to find my own way.
However, one thing I promise to you,
I will only write things I believe to be true.

So ride with me on this roller coaster of life,
through the dips, loops and turns that sometimes bring strife.
I hope my posts will bring you a smile,
as we journey together Boho Mama Dancing style.



  1. Hello heather. Wonderful to meet you. Enjoyed reading your intro. I can relate to the hard exausting work a stay at home does. But at the end of the night when we reflect back, it seems all worth it. Nice to meet you.

  2. Colleen, thank you so much for the comment luv! I absolutely love being a mother and am so thankful that I am able to stay at home with my kiddos. I completely agree with you about it being worth it. I wouldn't want it any other way- my children are the joy of my life. I am looking forward to sharing my journey through motherhood, life, and the great unknown with you. I am so excited to be joining Michelle on Ramblings of Mama. Thank you for reading!


Thanks a bunch for your comment love!