Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live, Laugh, Love, Learn

“Oh, he/she is still not potty trained.  My children all used the bathroom by the time they were two and never wet the bed.  Since then I have never changed a soiled diaper.”

“My child started kindergarten early, will be skipping first grade, is reading at a 3rd grade level and all his teachers say he's gifted.”

“Oh, your son isn’t taking algebra yet.  My 16 year old aced it last year, is now taking college trigonometry, and will one day win the Pulitzer Prize."

Come ON!! - you all know you've heard something like this before

Achievement and success particularly in education has become a competition to the point that  many of the basic concepts of play and engaging in life skills often get pushed aside.  There are now so many different educational options from unschooling all the way to traditional schools. Now before I risk many of you sending computer viruses my way; I want to quickly add that I love the fact that there are now many different educational options for families and firmly believe that it is important for every family to decide what approach is best for each of their children.

However, here are my thoughts:


What do you REALLY remember - They say you never forget how to ride a bike.  Well I don’t know about you, but my parents sure didn’t use flashcards or repetitive worksheets to teach me how to do that.   I experienced it!  I remember sitting on the back of my parent’s bike, enjoying the feeling of “riding” without a care.  I saw older neighbors riding their bikes and thought – “That looks cool – I wanna do that.” Then I experienced it for myself-  many, many falls later I learned something that I will never forget.

It didn’t take me long as a teacher to learn that if learning is boring it is less likely to be engaging and long lasting - no matter how old you are.  While I know that it is not always completely possible to make all learning “fun and loads of laughs,” I do believe that if an experience brings a smile then not only is it more enjoyable, but also creates a lasting imprint on our life.

If you don’t LOVE it you are less likely to DO it. (trust me, I have seen Michelle’s house and will claim that she does not LOVE to clean… yeah – I’m sure I’ll get payback from her for that one sometime - oh well, I'm living dangerously)

Stealth Teaching -  When my children are interested in something, I enjoy watching for those teachable moments where the learning just happens.  I truly believe that a child who is encouraged to play and acquire knowledge through Living and Laughing develops a love of Learning.
Michelle and I have found that we both love stealth learning through playful living and laughing.   So, we’re going to begin ramblings about things we have learned as an educator, occupational therapist, and most of all moms.  So, we invite you to Live, Laugh, Love, and Learn with us.

(by the way if you didn't notice this is an intro to some posts coming soon)


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