Monday, May 5, 2014

Make It Monday - Bookmarks - SUPER EASY GIFTS for Teachers and Mothers

I love bookmarks!  They are EASY to make, practical, and can be very personal.  They are great gifts on their own or paired with other items.

Ladies, this craft is not just for your kids.  I made one for MY mom with my children in the room and then just happened to leave the supplies out in case they wanted to make one for me.  (Stickers with MOM cut out just happened to be left on their craft table with all the needed supplies, just in case they needed a hint.)

*While I've made my share of trips chauffeuring my children to Urgent Care for stitches, I'm not wishing that on any of you.  So please don't leave scissors out if you have young children.

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen, Markers, Stickers, Stamps (whatever you want to use to decorate/personalize)
  • Optional - Self Adhesive Laminating sheet

Possible Skills:

  • Fine/Visual Motor: Cutting with Scissors
  • Fine Motor Strengthening: Scissors
  • Visual Perceptual/Spacial Relations: Situating words onto confines of bookmark
  • Writing Readiness: Brainstorming thoughts of why one is thankful/appreciative; Translating those thoughts into pictures and/or words
  • Social Concepts/Skills: Appreciation; Empathy; Communication; Initiation of Interactions

1. Select your paper. 

2. If a child is creating the bookmark:
    a. Cut the paper the desired size for the bookmark
    b. Discuss who the bookmark is for and why they are making it
    c. Discuss what they desire to write and/or draw
    d. Decorate the bookmark (don't forget the back)

3. If you are connecting with your inner Creative side:
    You can cut to desired size and decorate as in step 2

    Print a quote or saying directly onto your bookmark (Before cutting the bookmark). You can also   download the template that I created to make the MOM bookmark at the top of this post.  Feel free to alter it to fit your mom perfectly.   (DOWNLOAD BOOKMARK TEMPLATE HERE)

4. Your bookmark is done - Do your Happy Dance
    Laminate using self adhesive laminating sheets & then do the Happy Dance

Your bookmark is a wonderful gift on it's own or you can pair it with another gift.

1. Book-it: Buy a book you know your mom will love and present it with her new bookmark

2. Gift Card: Combine it with a Gift Card to a bookstore (as a Middle School Teacher I LOVED it whenever I was given gift cards to local second hand bookstores - a small gift card can go a long way)

3. Night of Relaxation: Place items for a relaxing evening in a basket or gift bag.  Ideas that I think my mom will love in her basket are:  Bath Salts, Scented Candle, a couple of her favorite chocolates, a book, and of course Her Bookmark


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