Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nightmare at Mama's House (AKA LLLLL)

 Nightmare at Mama's House

It is a dark, stormy night.  The steady downpour of rain is only broken by crashes of thunder, which oddly begin to sound like a child's tantrum.  All of a sudden everything is quiet, too quiet.  

Reminding yourself that the children are asleep, tucked in their beds.  Your head begins to droop as the hypnotic ticking of the kitchen clock marking each passing second jolts you to the  realization that it is late, too late. 

You hurry towards your bedroom in hope of slipping into a deep slumber before the alarm clock, that lives inside your youngest child, will sound in just a few short hours.  And then it happens... 

You scream in pain!  The sharp sensation beginning under your foot soars up your leg.  Grabbing the injured appendage while attempting to balance on one leg you trip over the pots and pans that your children "thought" were drums.  Plunging towards the floor you wonder what happened.  Will you ever be able to walk again?  Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminates the room and you see the them...


Yes, I am talking about the amazing toy that is not only full of learning and fun, but also can be used as a daily weapon against bare feet.

In all seriousness (or atleast as serious as we can get here on Ramblings of Mama) here is another addition of Live, Laugh, Love, Learn with LEGOS!
   Oh, the Lovely alliteration

Recently Michelle’s Nugget and my kiddos were having some serious play time together. Despite the age range (Nugget - 2, Mr. B - 5, Sweetheart - 7) they all gravitated to our collection of Legos.  We observed the children drift from independent to cooperative play.  Towns emerged through teamwork. Characters developed via creative dialogue.  And before we new it, without any adult interaction, "Voila" all three children were deeply engaged in fun, interactive, learning.   

Suddenly, Michelle's pediatric OT sensor beeped repeatedly as the kiddos employed a variety of fine motor skills. Not to be outdone by Michelle, my teacher radar zoned in on the flow of independent to cooperative play, jam packed with social relations, mathematics, and pre-writing development. 

Each child took on the role of teacher.  My Sweetheart used the Legos as addition manipulatives, talking aloud as she "added" to a fence. Nugget and Mr. B followed her lead.  As they added to their creations each child demonstrated complex math skills for their age.

Nugget performed addition adding one Lego at a time, excitedly declaring how many Legos she had on her house.  Mr. B began building rows of ten and connecting them to build a wall.  When he reached 50 Legos he proudly counted each row by 10’s.  My Sweetheart dabbled in the fun of multiplication and estimation as she determined the percentage her structure increased with each addition.  This continued until she reached an increase of 100%, proudly informing us that it had doubled.

I love these moments when learning is fun and spontaneous.  They are the times when I know my children are truly learning skills that they will not forget.

AND after the nightmare at mama's house I will never forget to ensure that Legos are off the floor (way too hard to remember - I better just wear shoes through the house)

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