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Advanced Junior Lego Robotics at All Around Learning Center

My children have been counting down till today, as if it were their birthday. They quickly got dressed, made their beds and ate breakfast.   Teeth brushed and behavior near perfect, they anxiously waited for me to drive them to their first day of Advanced Junior Robotics Lego Camp at All Around Learning Center.

Whenever my children are excited about an experience I hope that they will not be disappointed.  As a teacher, I have high expectations and many times find flaws in educational "fun" classes.  However, if I could only use three words to describe today's class, they would be "Everything is Awesome!"

From our arrival to departure, I was impressed with the organization and presence of staff members to assist children and parents. Kate, the director of All Around Around Learning Center, was actively involved throughout  today's camp - ready to answer questions, accommodate special needs, and make sure that everything ran smoothly.

I will be writing a full  review at the conclusion of the camp, but could not wait to share the fun my kids are having, especially while there are still some spots available for this summer, and you can still get your kids in, too!!

My children have already begged me to enroll them into more classes.
Jr. Robotics Set

What Impressed me Today:
  • Educational - Science & Math - They were not just building Legos.  This was way beyond what my children could have done at home, even if we did have our own Lego Robotics set. 
  • Highly Trained Teachers - During my observations I was impressed with the teaching techniques and skills employed to involve all learners at their own level. I observed a wonderful variety of direct instruction, indirect instruction, and experiential learning.
  • Organization - Sign-in, work stations, materials, and even an individually wrapped healthy snack was ready when my children arrived.  This means more instruction time and attention to students!
    Gears Set for the Emergent Robotics Learner
  • Materials - All of the materials were clean and appropriate for the age of children in the class. 

  • Individualized Learning - The teacher was constantly involved assessing each child's needs and accommodating to optimize learning and fun.  A variety of Lego sets allowed the teacher to accommodate different needs.  My daughter explored the basic Jr robotics set, while my son worked on the gears set to ease him into robotics.

  • Learning Center - This fun program is presented by a math and reading learning center.  While the classes are fun (my kids LOVED it), they are taught by teachers who know how to teach using an educationally based curriculum.

In addition to Lego Robotics classs, they also offer a variety of computer programing, science exploration, and art/music classes.  If you have children between the ages of 4-14 I highly recommend  trying out a week long summer camp for yourself. Give them a call or text at 480-833-7338 and tell them that Ramblings of Mama sent you for a special discount.

 For more information Click Here to check out All Around Learning Center's Website

For your convenience I have included a  brief description of the summer camps from All Around Learning Center's website.

Junior camp series for ages 4-5
Junior LEGO Engineering

Our Junior Lego camp is the perfect place for well-planned Lego building with friends. Each day has a new theme, including cities, bridges, vehicles, animals and more. We will introduce students to physics and engineering concepts while planning, building and testing our masterpieces.

Junior Math/Science

The camp curriculum engages students in mathematical and scientific explorations. Students are exposed to math and science topics through activities and discoveries. Topics will include: math art, money, shapes, fossils, rockets, submarines, chemistry, and more.

Junior Earth Science

Our young students will participate in hands-on activities exploring the beauty of Earth both inside and out.  Students will create, discover, and learn all about the natural world, including Earth’s climate, biosphere, natural disasters and much more.  Come and be one of our Geoscientists in this amazing Junior Earth Science Camp.

Junior Art and Music

Students will have tons of fun producing beautiful art creations and exploring the world of sound and music! Students will use paints, crayons, as well as the unexpected to create original masterpieces. They will also learn more about rhythm and beat, and have the chance to build their own instruments.

Advanced Junior Camp Series for ages 6-8
Advanced Junior Computer Game Design
This camp is a very unique opportunity to a young child to get an introduction to programming and designing a computer game. We will use Kodu to create cool landscapes, move around various terrains, add characters to our fields and more. All while talking about mathematical concepts like rotation, elevation, two and three dimension, zooming and more.

Advanced Junior Robotics
This class is the first step into our amazing Robotics Program using the Lego WeDo construction set. Students will engineer machines and animals that move and turn using various sensors. Students will also learn how to program their robots.

Advanced Junior Mixed Science Adventures
Students will also be able to design and carry out their own hands-on experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics.  Using the basics of the scientific method, students will learn how to form and test their own hypotheses while answering questions about the world.  If you like to ask questions and get messy, this is the camp for you!

Advanced Junior Inventor Boot Camp
Does your child have a great imagination?  This is the camp where all creative ideas come alive. We will use a wide variety of supplies to build amazing designs. Our young students will get an introduction to various engineering fields and sciences, while they are actively engaged in the activities. 

General Camp Series for ages 8-17
 Robotics 1
This is a great introduction to Robotics. Students learn to assemble and program Lego Mindstorms robots. Students follow the Lego building instructions to create vehicles, animals, humanoids etc. Students will explore how light, touch, sound, and ultrasonic sensors can enhance their robots. The robots will be field tested through various challenge courses. After completing Robotics 1 class, returning students advance to Robotics 2.

Robotics 2
Come and join us for an exciting and educational week during our Intermediate Robotics Summer Camp! In Robotics II, students will build more advanced robots and focus more on learning the programming language. The robots will be tested on various challenge courses. Students will work with others to build teamwork and troubleshooting skills. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to further your robotics skills. (This camp is available for students who had previously participated in our Robotics I Summer Camp or in our After School Robot Club.)

FIRST Lego League Competition Training
This camp is designed for students who wish to train for the FIRST LEGO League competition. Students will design and build robots to follow competition requirements. Critical thinking skills and teamwork will be incorporated into these challenging, hands-on activities. Interested students can join our Robotics Club and one of our FLL Teams during next school year.

Computer Game Design I
Our all-time favorite camp was just redesigned for a new year! Students will learn the fundamentals of creating a computer game using the program, Construct. They will learn the art and science of creating complex levels filled with obstacles, puzzles, and opponents. The basics of programming, level design, and game design will be introduced.  This is a highly recommended very popular camp!

Computer Game Design II
Students who have completed Computer Game Design level 1 can hardly wait to start level 2. They will make their game design more complex and more visually appealing. They will also go more in-depth in programming and learning tools for creating advanced levels. Amazing artwork, challenging games, teamwork and a week of advanced programming with Construct is waiting for the students in this camp.

Minecraft is a game that allows students to let their imagination run wild in this 3D block world. They'll craft tools, build huge structures, and engineer working contraptions, all from the materials found in the world of Minecraft. Students will work in teams to make the city of their imagination complete with farms, working railroads, and their own unique houses. Each student needs to have his/her own Minecraft game. Students who do not own the game yet can purchase it at:

DemiGod Day Camp
Are you ready to live like a Greek God? Well, maybe not quite THAT great, but we WILL be experiencing how the Ancient Greeks lived, in the spirit of the Percy Jackson books! Camp participants (DemiGods) will create maps, Wear Greek clothing, play capture the flag - Greek style, write names in ancient Greek, make banners recognizing their own unique abilities, eat the food of the Gods of Olympus, and battle it out to the death with hand made Greek weapons! (Of course, we will just be acting-no actual deaths will occur.) If you are worthy, you will be chosen to join the DemiGod Day camp.

Mixing Magic
This camp is a blast! Students will love the hands-on experiments and unexpected results. They will have their minds blown while learning chemistry and physics. Scientific research will be incorporated to discover and justify results. From growing crystals to making color changing flowers, there will never be a dull moment!

Eager Engineering Construction
The world needs innovative builders and designers! Satisfy your budding architects desires to create without having your own home demolished! Activities will be designed around the interests of the learners but may include the building of rockets, hot air balloons, mouse-trap cars, catapults, solar vehicles, racetracks, architectural structures, adobe block houses, skyscrapers and more.

Fascinating Experimental Science
Science can be messy, fun and educational all at the same time. Get ready for lots of hands-on experiments! You will be launching rockets, erupting volcanoes, making a battery, investigating properties of light, learning about lasers, creating a Cartesian Diver, building an electric motor and more. This camp will definitely inspire the imagination of your scientists.

Creature Studies
Explore the many wonders of biology from birds to bugs to bacteria!  Students will learn about the form and function of earth’s organisms through the use of microscopes, model-building, and hands-on dissection of owl pellets and animals.  We will investigate the anatomy and appearance of creatures both large and small, as well as their habitats and behaviors.  Whether you love the creepy and crawly or the cute and cuddly, this camp is chock full of fascinating biology fun!

Disclosure: No additional compensation beyond admittance to class was received for this posting. Ramblings of Mama will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on classes reviewed. We will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers.  Links enclosed contain affiliate links. If you have any questions, please contact Heather RamblingsOfHeather{at} gmail {dot} com


  1. Thanks for this great post! My oldest son will love this! He is about to turn four so looking forward to him attending the junior camp series next year. He definitely has the engineer skills showing and would love the Lego and Math and Science sections.

  2. It sounds as if he would love their Jr. Lego Engineering Class!
    In addition to summer camps, All Around Learning Center also offers classes throughout the year. Check out my full review at:
    Thank you for reading Ramblings of Mama and stay tuned for more fun activities and crafts for your family!

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