Wednesday, August 20, 2014

IzzyBee Creations: Adorable accessories for your little one

I came across this WAHM business called IzzyBee Creations
They have some SERIOUSLY cute stuff for girls AND boys!

She makes adorable headbands, bows, and hair clips. Her store also carries super cute, and hard to find legwarmers, which are PERFECT for those chilly mornings, or babies learning how to crawl around the house. To be honest, you seriously can never own enough of these. You can use them with a onesie, with a dress, or just in a diaper while baby crawls around. They're great when baby is learning to crawl to protect those little knees from getting rug burned and scraped up! And before you ask, there are boy themed legwarmers (YES BOYS CAN WEAR THEM TOO!!!)

She also carries some SUPER cute footless tights that I absolutely MUST get my hands on. As well as some cute, cute, cute rompers and hats that are to die for! She recently started carrying Baltic Amber and Hazelwood Teething necklaces in her shop for those cranky, teething littles.

Even better? She has some things that she upcycles, too! You all know how I love a good green upcycle!!! Home decor and even refashioned clothing items.

Baby Hair Bows, Baby Headband, Leg Warmers, Cute baby, Adorable baby, IzzyBee CreationsIt's a super exciting time for IzzyBee Creations because they are about to launch their website and grow astronomically. I am excited because we'll all be able to say "we knew her when!"

She graciously sent me a couple of her items for Nugget to rock, and of course, I loved them! We received a pair of heart legwarmers and an owl headband. If you didn't already know, I love everything to do with owls and birds.They symbolize wisdom and freedom to me. And legwarmers, you just cannot have enough of those- I really can not tell you this enough!

Baby Hair Bows, Baby Headband, Cute baby, Adorable baby, IzzyBee Creations

I love everything about this headband. I love the antiquey style ruffles, I love the lacy band, and LUURRVVEE the adorable owl. I mean, it's complete with googley eyes. 
Who doesn't love googley eyes?

Baby Hair Bows, Baby Headband, Leg Warmers, Cute baby, Adorable baby, IzzyBee Creations

Of course, when I was trying to get Nugget to model them, she wanted to be all shy and kept taking off the headband. But, being the shutterbug I am, I got a few shots!

Baby Running, Baby Headband, Baby Hair Bows, Leg Warmers, Cute baby, Adorable baby, IzzyBee Creations

And of course, a leg warmer action shot. She cracks me up, always runs AT me when I'm trying to take her picture. I think I have maybe three pictures total of her just being still! HAHA! 

Baby Running, Baby Hair Bows, Leg Warmers, Cute baby, Adorable baby, IzzyBee Creations

Do you love IzzyBee Creations as much as I do?

Check out IzzyBee Creation's Page, leave me a comment and let me know what adorableness you've found and must get for your little one?

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