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Getting Ready for the Holidays? Prepare with Appliances from Best Buy

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Holidays are right around the corner again. Everyone knows what that means, right?
Cooking, baking, food, friends, family, parties galore!!!
This year, the holidays are going to be different than they've been in years past. We're going to have the twins and Nugget, and we're not traveling. But one thing that will most definitely not be any different, is me throwing down in the kitchen. I don't know if many of you followed me last year, but last year, I was able to do some serious holiday time-saving meal prep the evening before cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I know I'm not the only one that loves to make a large holiday meal, despite having a small group for the meal. Leftovers? YES!!! I love them!

Frigidaire FGIF3061NF range
Convection oven plus induction cooktop
Well, let me tell you, I'm quite excited for the holidays this year. It'll be the first year in a few years since we'll be traveling for the holidays, so I'll be home, in MY kitchen! This, this makes me SO excited. You just have no idea. As I've told y'all before, I really dislike sharing my kitchen space when I'm cooking. I appreciate help and delegate when I need to, but I really am in my zone, my happy place, my zen place, and enjoy myself in the kitchen. Things can be a little hectic and crazy, I'm sure they're going to be, um, interesting, with the twins here, but I'm still excited about it all. 

The one thing about my personal zen place is our appliances. We're renters for now, and unfortunately, the appliances in this house leave a LOT to be desired. The stove and oven? Eh... Yeah. It's not my favorite. At all. One thing I keep in mind when cooking, is that one day, I'll have my "dream kitchen"... complete with a convection double oven, a rapid induction cook tops that can get water boiling in just a couple of minutes, and just makes cooking overall easier. Did you know that Best Buy carries a Frigidaire rapid induction cook top that is super easy to clean?

The spills DON'T BURN. ON. THE. STOVE.
SERIOUSLY? You mean, I can cook, make my crazy mess, and it won't take me a week an hour to clean the stove? 
I want one!

Whirlpool WGG555S0BS
Standard width double oven and range
See, I have an open kitchen-dining area. So, if we have company over for holiday meals, I have to do a little bit of cleaning before the meal, so that the entire kitchen isn't a horrid eyesore during our meal! This means more time to spend with our guests, more time to spend with our families and more time to EAT! Not only do they carry these great induction cook tops, there's also the ultra-elusive double oven! The fantastic thing about oven, stove and ranges these days, are that these double oven units are actually built with saving space in mind, and you're able to have a double oven in the space designed for a standard range/oven unit.

This means you don't have to have two huge full-sized ovens on one wall, and the range somewhere else. This means you don't have to change the existing blueprint in your kitchen! MONEY SAVER! And guess what? All this means is that you are able to save SO much time and frustration by using a double oven, cooking food at two different temperatures (pie and sides, turkey and pies, anyone?).

See, I don't know about you guys, but I've always wanted a double oven. I hate having to guess cooking times and adjust temperatures when I put multiple things in one oven. Not to mention, I can't usually fit anything else in the oven if I'm roasting a turkey or roast. The roasting pan and meat are just too big. And I prefer to bake my pies the DAY OF the meal... I know, most people will say "bake the pies the day before", but there's just something SO good about having a piping hot, fresh from the oven,  from scratch, homemade, apple pie. Unfortunately, baking the pie the day of, creates its' own unique set of challenges, usually resulting in my getting up from the dinner table a half-dozen times throughout the meal, in order to check and make sure I don't burn the crust! Having a double oven, would make life so much easier, and my holiday meals much more relaxing. So, mamas and papas, make sure you check these new ranges out at Best Buy.

What's in your dream kitchen? Do you already have it?

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