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Kids Academy Learning Apps: New and Updated

I'd like to thank Kid's Academy for sponsoring this post.

Have you guys heard of Kid's Academy? You better have! I reviewed some of their toddler and preschool learning apps a few weeks back. Well, come to find out, they've been busy bees and have a couple new apps to share!

Now, as you all know, I make a point of finding educational apps that help to facilitate learning in a fun, engaging manner for my daughter. I prefer educational Apps that address on eye-hand coordination, visual perceptual skills, and school preparatory-type activities, such as learning shapes, letters and numbers. When I heard Kid's Academy recently updated their apps and added some new ones, I definitely wanted to share with you all!

Check out the Kids Academy Learning Apps: 

1. Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids free for toddler
Preschool & Kindergarten Kid's learning games program is designed with pre-reading and pre-writing skills in mind. The in App workbooks consist of a phonics workbook that provides a pronunciation of a word, with a cute little picture included. I do wish there were more versions and options for the pronunciations, so this could be something that they might want to consider in later upgrades to this App. They have letter, shape and number tracing. The Number tracing workbook has little lightning bugs that make a teeny purr-type sound when you "collect" each one as you trace your finger across the number. The App tells you "This is the number "1", trace the number "2" and collect fireflies". I love that it identifies the number, which is especially helpful for the those little preschoolers that are still learning number recognition. The shapes are ideal for the younger preschoolers, as it's important to be able to make simple shapes prior to letters and numbers, but the app also identifies them for that younger set that might not be able to identify them independently 100% of the time. There are also a few math workbooks that focus on counting by 5's and 10's, which are great skills for the K-1 grade-set.
2. ABC's Alphabet Preschool & Kindergarten Kid's Learn to Read Montessori for toddler free
Preschool & Kindergarten Kid's Learn to Read program is designed with pre-reading skills in mind. There is an "Easy Maze" workbook that works on moving from left to right, with a really cute little dog that follows the bone. But be careful! He will run into a wall if you're not cautious and take your time! There are short and long vowel workbooks to work on various vowel sounds, a beginning writing word workbook, which allows your little to learn to form Uppercase letters, sound out the words, and others that address "sight word" recognition. 
3. Bingo ABCs alphabet phonics song with farm animals cards for toddler free
The Bingo ABCs app is quite the adorable learning app for toddlers/preschoolers. My daughter loves to sing, so when we can incorporate learning with music, it's a win-win. Not to mention, the graphics are fun and engaging. Great app to give parents a few minutes of distraction!

The Kid's Academy Preschool and Kindergarten Apps are cute, fun to use, engaging and provide your child with educational fun. I recommend them to parents that prefer learning apps over mindless apps any day of the week.

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