Thursday, November 20, 2014

Always Brand Keeps Things Discreet

We're going to kick things off with some discussion of lady issues and lady business, so please, if you're easily embarassed, just click next for the next post, or come by later for newer posts.

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Y'all know I delivered my two little munchkins early on Halloween, and honestly, following the delivery of two little babies does all kinds of crazy things to your body, hormones, and pelvic floor.

I mean, we've even discussed stress incontinence in the past. Today, I want to provide you all with a little bit of information about why Always' new line of Discreet Liners, Pads AND even disposable Underwear work and keep things ladylike for you!

Always Discreet Liners, Pads and Underwear

When you're pregnant, those pelvic floor muscles don't quite hold things up and in like they should. All the extra weight you're carrying around, the pressure and stress on your pelvic floor, it's just too much to be able to keep things. Then, when you take into account all the hormones and nasty discharge that comes with the glorious hormones of pregnancy, let's just say I use more liners when I'm pregnant than any other time in the year. Based on US average reports, Always Discreet Liners absorb two times more than you may need.
Not only do I love them, but a girl in my WLS pregnancy support group posted this today:
Thank goodness for Always Discreet! Every time I sneeze, cough, laugh hard, or dry heave..I tinkle!
And her girlfriend replied:
Oh yeah, I meant to message you. Was laying in the bed last night, sneezed and peed everywhere. My husband said "now ain't this a damn shame".

So, these? You need Always Discreet Liners for the crazy things that come out of your body when you're pregnant. Trust me, you need to get yourself some Always Discreet Panty liners- keep things clean and keep yourself from peeing everywhere.
It doesn't matter which method in which you deliver your baby (babies); because, after you deliver, there's just other grossness that happens to and evacuates from your body. The "medical term" for postpartum bleeding is lochia. I have friends that have their postpartum lochia for 6-8 weeks! Of course, I had to read into this, as I cannot even imagine bleeding that long, especially with my iron in the tank like it has been.
The bleeding consists of blood, sloughed-off tissue from the lining of the uterus, and bacteria. It happens when the placenta detaches from the uterus, and the blood vessels that connect the two to provide the blood supply start to bleed into the uterus. When the placenta is delivered or removed (depends on your method of delivery), then you begin to have more uterine contractions (which can be quite painful, actually), which slow the bleeding from those vessels and help to stop that bleeding.

Since you cannot use cups, tampons or anything else until after your follow up appointment at 6 weeks, you need to use the most comfortable pads available. Wearing pads is really not anyone's favorite thing, but the great thing is that Always Discreet Pads are up to 40% thinner than other brands and they absorb 2X more than you may need. This is pretty fantastic, considering you don't want to deal with an uncomfortable, wide, funky pad chilling out in your panties and making you hang onto that "pregnancy swagger" longer than necessary!!!

Pregnant or not, you know you'll need some protection for your lady business, so make sure you pick up disposable Always Discreet pads, liners and/or underwear from TARGET. Use the following discounts to make your dollars stretch farther!

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  1. I love Always that all I have ever used and will continue to use. All though I wish I never had to use them ever LOL

  2. it's embarrassing - but I do like the fact that Always has done it discreet :D

  3. I never thought to use Always before for the sneeze and pee problem but it definitely makes sense

  4. Great product and great review. Thank you.

  5. I don't have this problem much except during pregnancy. Good to know there is something to help!

  6. I love always brand, especially their panty liners. I hope they get the discreet ones out my way soon.

  7. I'm really glad not to have this problem, but that should I develop it there is a product out there to help.

  8. Ever since the Beginning, I've used Always. They have never Failed me. Appreciate the new Discreet line.


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