Monday, November 24, 2014

Avoid Purchasing Replicas When You want a Quality Watch

The replica watches industry has truly flourished during the past few years. The replica manufacturers have become more artful at tricking us into thinking that a fake is as good as the real product, that no one will ever see the difference. Well, this is not entirely true. Of one thing you can be certain, knockoffs will never be as good and authentic looking as the original watches and almost anyone who knows a thing or two about luxury watches will be able to tell that yours is just a replica.

Before buying a replica watch you should consider the following:

1. Time accuracy
How much do you value quality? Is it important for you or not? If you simply do not care about it then you can go ahead and order a replica. An imitation timepiece will never be as good as the real watch no matter how much the replica manufacturers try. The original watches have a very complex and expensive mechanism that is able to keep unbelievably accurate time, to support the most complicated and innovative functions and work for decades without ever breaking. These mechanisms are the core beauty of the original watches and without them the timepieces remain just an empty shell that can’t serve its main purpose. A replica will never have such a refined and sophisticated movement. The inside mechanisms are just poor quality clones that cannot even tell decent time, not to mention supporting functions such as the chronometer, stop-watch or date.

2. Materials
Watch replicas are made from inferior quality materials. Even if the seller advertises its replica as being of high quality, you got to be smarter than that. You can’t honestly believe that a couple hundred dollars watch is made from the best solid stainless steel, real gold or with real diamonds. All these exclusive materials are what make an original watch unique and contribute to its value. Different materials such as cheap stainless steel will make the watch feel light and fake, the so called gold plaiting will start to fade off very easily and reveal the true nature of the timepiece while cubic zirconium will never look as beautiful and shiny as real diamonds. Maybe someone who does not have a clue about the original watches will never see the difference, but a connoisseur will immediately tell that your watch is a fake.

3. Durability
All knockoffs break after a short while. Replicas are not famous for their extensive durability, but rather for their delicate nature. Using poor mechanisms and low quality materials contribute to the incredibly low robustness of fake watches. These are not products that will last you a life time, not even a couple of months. Most of them break after a couple of weeks or months. When this happens, you can’t count on the manufacturer to repair it because its warehouse is based in China and the watch needs to be sent there. It is a very long and costly process that isn’t worth the risk, headache and stress. Also, no jeweler will ever want to fix your replicas. Instead, they will probably confiscate it and send it to the original company.

Before buying a replica watch, you should take a moment to consider all the disadvantages. I am sure that once you acknowledge them, you won’t feel that tempted about purchasing a fake timepiece.

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  1. I don't know much about watches. I would never buy online, I'd have to see it in person. I would likely go to a reputable jeweler to make a large purchase, such as an expensive time piece.


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