Monday, November 3, 2014

Got More Than Expected while Trick-or-Treating

It was a dark and dreary night; 'twas All Hallows' Eve. Despite the fear of ghouls, stress of the unknown, and lingering fright in the air, we dutifully got ready and went about the evening. 
Upon a dark, construction riddled building we came, we rushed in right away, no hesitation. In we went, with a hurry. 

Once inside, the souls and bodies made noises unlike any we'd heard before. As quick as a snap, we were sent down one hall, and around a dark and cluttered corner, where someone was bound to be hiding... I was certain of it! 

Into a tall, unshaven man we almost ran, barely colliding, but continued upon our way to the destination unknown. 

After what seemed like ages, we finally  reached the end of the twists and turns, arriving to our tight, almost clostrophia inducing place... 

Anxiety was running high, and after just a few moments, we were rushed along to yet another place, people scurrying about, the place bustling full of many bodies, cold and quite possibly even more anxiety inducing... Perhaps one of the most frightful places I had ever been. 

I let out a frightful, fear induced scream... 

Then, finally, I could take no more suspense... I yelled out: "Trick-or-Treat!!!"

The tricks and treats were on us though, as we ended up receiving much more than we bargained for.

What did we receive, you ask? 

We received, not one, but two sweet squishy treats! 

Say hello to Miss M and Mr O

Official nicknames have yet to be determined (as well as their full legal names), so bear with me!

Miss M arrived at 10:32pm and Mr O arrived at 10:40pm. They made it just past 32 weeks gestation. Both are doing great, on room air and are tolerating feeds by mouth! Babies are great, mama is doing well, Daddy is SUPER in love, Nugget is such a proud and sweet big sister.


  1. Congratulations!! soo precious!!!! :))

  2. Aww aww aww awwww .... I'm so glad they're here. And so glad they're healthy! Nugget looks happy! :)

  3. Congratulations. Truly an awe-inspiring event

  4. They're absolutely beautiful (all three of them!). A million congrats to you and your family. :)

  5. halloween babies!! :) congratulations! :)

  6. Such an exciting time for you and your new bigger family! You are very blessed indeed! Stay healthy and we look forward to more great posts once you and those darlings have gotten some bonding time. :)


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