Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise Doll

The perfect present this holiday season for little girls everywhere is here! Children who are fans of the Lalaloopsy dolls and the Lalaloopsy cartoon on Nick Jr. are sure to fall in love with Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise. These adorable baby dolls are the much loved Lalaloopsy characters as infants, such as Blossom Flower Pot and Peanut Big Top with all of the unique personality of the Lalaloopsy line!

What was your Christmas memory as a child? I loved waking on Christmas morning, in wonder if Santa arrived... I loved opening my new gifts. As a tomboy, my favorite toys were always varied. However, I had tons of favorites, and they were mostly my dolls. Mostly baby dolls, at that! Yes, even as a tomboy. I remember cradling my baby dolls in my left arm, and holding one of those plastic bottles with the “milk” that “disappears.” Unlike those baby bottles, which were very one-dimensional since they could not be opened or filled, the bottle that comes with the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise dolls are designed to be filled with water, which the Lalaloopsy baby drinks!

Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise Doll:
  • Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise dolls magically poop charms
  • 3D charms appear by feeding your Lalaloopsy Babies water and pressing their belly button
  • Color-changing patterns on diapers
  • Doll comes with a bottle shaped like her pet, and a hat and bib that match her adorable personality
  • Dolls are plastic with movable arms, legs and head 
  • Includes 3 special character-inspired diapers
  • Feeding Supplies: Fillable bottle, bowl, & spoon
  • Charm bracelet
I know, WATER? With my Preschooler? I thought that, but it's basically mess proof mamas! Lalaloopsy dolls can then have a very realistic (within reason, that is!) diaper change. It's great for reinforcing cause/effect, responsibility with diaper changes, fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, and even their creativity/imagination!

Charms come in each diaper so that when your child changes the Lalaloopsy baby’s diaper, they find a charm which they can add to their bracelet! While this sounds strange to an adult, kids certainly look at it differently. I remember making diapers for my dolls, and sometimes I’d sprinkle water into the diaper while the doll was wearing it to make it more realistic. But no need for that with these sweet baby dolls. 

Each Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise character comes with a unique hat, as well as a bib. The designs are so adorable, I knew the Lalaloopsy baby dolls would be a hit with Nugget! I cannot wait to have her open this on Christmas morning! These dolls are cute as a button down to the smallest detail, from their shaped baby bottles to their little belly buttons (which literally look like a button).

I was pleasantly surprised that the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise dolls and all of the accessories are reasonably priced. I already can see Nugget wanting to collect them all!

To find out more about Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise, or if you are still looking for the perfect gift, be sure to head to Walmart to see this year's hottest toys, that are Chosen By Kids at their Toyland! The Toyland in-store event is taking place in the months November and December, so be sure to check out when they will be at your local Walmart!

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  1. I saw Lalaloopsy the other day when I went to the store. These dolls are doing everything now and days.

  2. These are really cute! I think I would have loved this as a little girl. Charms in a diaper, why not? I can think of much worse things that you would find in a diaper ;)

  3. These dolls are so fun and I am sure many little girls will be wanting them for Christmas this year!

  4. My daughter tried one at our local Walmart's event and loved it. I've already ordered her one for Christmas. Great Review!

  5. My daughter has this and loves it. Some people are making a big stink about this toy but I really don't see what the problem is and it is fun for kids!

  6. These are fun durable dolls... also great for bath time play.

  7. This doll is truly unique! I think it's one of the year's hottest toys!

  8. That is super cute! My niece loces the LaLaLoopsy! I will check these out for sure!

  9. My granddaughter would just love this little doll. She likes playing mommy so this would be perfect. Thank you for sharing

  10. How fun!! My daughter would love this, I'll have to head to our Walmart and see if they have them!

  11. This looks so cute! I will have to try and find one on clearance!

  12. I have a 3 year old niece that is obsessed with Lalaloopsy. (I had to look it up to see what she was talking about.) Hopefully I can find one of these for her!


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