Monday, November 24, 2014

Shape and Mens Fitness Fitbit Challenge: Week 1

Over the next few weeks, my friend, Hayley is going to be participating in the Fitbit Challenge, hosted by Shape and Men's Fitness Magazine. 
Here's her post for Week 1's Challenge.

Does anyone else ever wonder how well you sleep? All I can say as a full-time working mother of four, as well as breastfeeding my four-month old, I found out that I get very little restful sleep even when I actually got more than a few hours. How'd I figure this out? Well, I am getting to participate in the Shape and Men's Fitness Magazine Challenge. They provided a Fitbit Charge to help me meet my health and fitness goals, and the Fitbit Charge track how much sleep you actually get, active minutes throughout the day, and more!

The Fitbit Charge comes with a monochrome OLED display, and tracks steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned, number of active minutes during the day, and can also track sleep. A newly released feature for 2014, Charge notes when you nod off, can wake you up with a silent, vibrating alarm.  It even has a caller-ID feature to let you know the caller of your incoming calls. That is a great feature for when mommy forgets to turn the ringer back on after nap time. The Charge even has a wireless auto-sync feature when it is within the range of your smartphone or computer.

Week 1's challenge was to get outdoors and really push to the 10,000 steps a day. Hold the phone... is that even possible? As I set out to tackle the challenge I realized that I have very little time and my job sucks up a lot of my valuable time to move around. I work in a typical desk job full time, so achieving 5000 steps a day was even a challenge. I also have 4 children, so taking care of them instead of exercising always is #1.

While striving for my goal I didn’t get to hike, but I did get to play in the backyard with my kids, run around, and be barefoot! Yes, in Arizona we can be barefoot in November! This next week I am going to make it a priority to teach my kids about nature and take them on a hike. With Thanksgiving coming up, it is going to be hard to fit in a schedule to move more.

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