Saturday, November 22, 2014

Twins Update: Three Weeks Old

Dos bebes turned three weeks old yesterday... That is surreal to me. I cannot even wrap my head around that most days. I know I've been quite quiet about the twins' status lately as I didn't want to jinx anything. There's been a few posts on my wall inquiring their status and it's not that I was ignoring anyone, just kind of have been in my own little bubble recently.
My mother is going to be in town next weekend. I'm excited and relieved, I really do need the help. My brother's extremely generous friend helped us get her out here next weekend (which, I totally would have waited another week b/c don't they take extra miles for high travel weekends?- I know not my concern, but still).

Miss Kitten is up to 1690gm, 3lb12oz. (3lb3ozBW)
Mr CHUNK is up to 1720gm, 3lb14oz (3lb1oz BW)
They were "graduated" to the special care nursery, but it's still technically the NICU. It's a big room, 6 babies in the room, 3 babies to 1 nurse. It's hard for us b/c the other NICU, they were in separate private rooms and we were able to bring Nugget there to hang out when she wasn't cranky. The SCN, she's only allowed to visit a "short" period of time- like up to 10 minutes max. Some of the nurses are nice and let her visit longer (if she's not throwing fits or being loud), but there are other families and babies and rules. Meh. Come on! Don't "these people" know that rules don't apply to me?? (end sarcasm here peeps)
We go each day for at least 1 feeding, sometimes more. It just depends on what's going on. Hubby went back to work, so he could save up his leave for when they come home. We're trying to spend at least one long visit on a weekend day, when Nugget spends the day with her grandparents, and the other weekend day, we spend giving extra attention to Nugget.
Dos Bebes still in the isolets, slowly gaining. They are eating about 30-50% of their feeds via bottle, and Chunk isn't as great as Kitten, she's more alert and has had more practice. Both are "learning" to nurse 1x per day. We say learning, because they still have to learn to coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe reflex. Chunk is a better nurser than bottle feeder, he is actively nursing about 10-15 minutes of 20-25 minutes of me offering. Kitten nurses about 15-20 minutes of a 20-25 minute nursing session.
Nugget is such a sweet, adorable, proud big sister. She loves visiting the hospital, loves snuggling her little brother and sister. She says that they're cuter than her cabbage patch babies (haha!), and whenever Kitten or Chunk cries, Nugget calls them sweetie, caresses their head and gives kisses.
We still don't have any idea or timeline as to when they're coming home. The goal is my due date (Dec 15th), but we're mostly just telling ourselves that we'd like them home for Christmas.

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