Monday, December 8, 2014

Shape and Mens Fitness Fitbit Challenge: Week 3

I'd love to thank Hayley for participating in the Fitbit Challenge through Shape and Mens Fitness. Please check out her previous week Fitfluential Fitbit Challenge posts.

Welcome to the week three recap.

Did you know that it takes on average 21 days to form a habit? Let me tell you that week three has been the hardest week ever! Motivation after the Thanksgiving Holiday has waned. I am trying to get back in gear for the upcoming December holidays and just lost that spark in week 3.

Week 3 challenge was to change up my routine in working out to keep the motivation going. I tried Yoga, but that wasn’t enough cardio and didn’t add to my steps... I did however feel much more centered and at peace with life and more relaxed. Then, I tried a few free cardio workouts and it just wasn't love. Ultimately what worked to help me get out of the funk is the grocery store; Odd right?

I would take my four kids to the store (since I work from home I don’t get out much), and walk around and look at everything. Since presents are a big thing to look for right now it has actually been a good opportunity getting the kids out to look at potential presents for themselves and for family members. I still haven’t met the 10,000 steps a day goal that I have been shooting for. I think I may need to get a treadmill for my desk and not sit down all day. You know? Those cool standing desks? Why not put a treadmill or an elliptical in there?

This week I am going to make a conscious effort. I want to eat healthier, move more, make the steps goal (even if it kills me), and stick with a new workout that I love. As much as I love extra activities with my kids, I really know and feel like it’s time to focus on “Me” and get healthy.

Here's my plan to utilize a few tools that I think will help me with my goals this week:

  1. The silent alarms. I can set up to 8 alarms per day! I take a lot of vitamin supplements throughout the day and have to remind myself to hydrate! This is going to help. The nice thing about these alarms is I have to set a couple in the middle of the night, and they are silent alarms. So they don’t wake up my baby or my husband.
  2. The battery power: So far in the past 3 weeks I have only had to charge this thing twice, and it takes 30 minutes to charge. Talk about easy!
  3. The food tracking. There are so many websites and great apps on my phone that I can use. Really, I think the biggest part to losing weight, is accountability and tracking it.

So, here is the big question of the day:
What do you think is your biggest hang up when it comes to getting healthy? And what cardio work-out have you tried and love? Share your tips with me! 

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  1. I just got my FitBit Flex up and running. So far I love the alarms. One disappointment is not being able to take it into the pool. Swimming is my favorite activity, especially with waterproof earbuds and a good book. I have loved the silent alarm, I didn't even realize that was an option initially, but now that I do it is already getting used a lot.

    I have 3 munchkins so I totally understand trying to get activity in with them. People tell me all the time that they get a ton of exercise chasing after their toddler, exhausting but not really exercise. My daughter is old enough now though that we can go to the pool (brothers with dad) and both of us practice our swimming skills. We make it a competition. Who can master a new skill the quickest. I couldn't quite get my flip turns until I was up against her.

  2. My biggest hangup when it comes to getting healthy is that i always end up eating lots of sugary food items like pastries, cakes and sweet tea which im not supposed to and i always feel lazy to workout which i have to so now im gooing to try using Fitbit to keep my track of workouts and getting back in shape. i have tried pushup and it has wokered wonders for me.

    Era Light (Melissa George)

  3. Getting into a routine is the hardest part for me! I'll go strong for about 2 weeks and then get distracted or busy and the first thing that goes is my exercise. I like the idea of setting alarms to remind me to do things like drink water or get up and move around!


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