Friday, January 30, 2015

How is YOUR Quality of Life?

How do you wake up each day? 

Do you wake up each morning, refreshed, excited to start the day?
Do you dread waking up and heading to that job that you're just waiting to replace?
Do you head to work, excited about the work your doing, helping others achieve their goals?
Do you wake up, move from the bed to the sofa, and just turn on the television?
Do you feel you have a high or low quality of life?

As an Occupational Therapist, all I seem to talk about on a daily basis is the quality of your life. To some of my previous patients, increasing function is equal to increasing their quality of life. When one is relying on someone for the most basic of functional tasks, their quality of life decreases.

There are so many measures of what quality of life truly are. And not only that, quality of life is extremely different for each person. Let's discuss quality of life in a bigger picture though:
A 2010 study by two Princeton University professors looked at 1,000 randomly selected U.S. residents over an extended period. It concludes that their life evaluations - that is, their considered evaluations of their life against a stated scale of one to ten - rise steadily with income. On the other hand, their reported quality of emotional daily experiences (their reported experiences of joy, affection, stress, sadness, or anger) levels off after a certain income level (approximately $75,000 per year); income above $75,000 does not lead to more experiences of happiness nor to further relief of unhappiness or stress. Below this income level, respondents reported decreasing happiness and increasing sadness and stress, implying the pain of life’s misfortunes, including disease, divorce, and being alone, is exacerbated by poverty. [1]
For those that work outside of their homes, it is extremely difficult to balance home and work priorities. I know there have been times I was working upwards of 55+ hours per week, without that additional compensation. It was frustrating for myself, for my husband, and my daughter definitely suffered the most. All she wanted was time with her mama, and coming home 2 hours before bedtime, we didn't get that much time together. All children and parents want to do is spend time together, and parents don't want to miss those firsts. We want to be able to see our children's first roll, smile and pull to stand... not only that, b

y the time the weekend comes, no one wants to spend time with friends or family, and oftentimes spend the weekend laying around on the sofa without moving an inch.
Not only does quality of life affect your time and performance in spending time with those you love, it also affects your health, stress levels and even social relationships. As an OTR, finding those things that help to improve your quality of life, increase your happiness, actually enjoy your employment and feel appreciated with all your hard work, and especially maximize your ability to perform at all those tasks that are important to you, such as attending soccer games, plays, picking your child up from school, even being able to cook dinner and sit down with the family for supper.

One company I worked with in the past was great about doing quarterly barbecues for employee appreciation, just as a way to thank us for our hard work and to just let us know they thought of us. At thanksgiving, they even provided Turkeys to all employees at the hospital. If the family didn't eat turkey, they would donate to a local shelter. Talk about appreciation. Another company I worked with would have cameras in the parking lots and had security escort you to your vehicle after dark in order to make you feel safe and secure at your job. Since I worked so many hours, I made sure to take them up on this benefit ALL THE TIME. This same company was in the process of building an on site gym for employees in order to allow employees to exercise before or after work. When you're on those 12-hour shifts, any few minutes you're able to save in order to get to the gym are precious.

One company, Sodexo, is a a worldwide leader in Quality of Life Services, emphasizing increasing the Quality of Life of their employees in the workplace. Sodexo believes that as businesses – as a society – to create value, we must make people’s well-being a priority. By focusing on Quality of Life – society can drive individual and collective performance. When you have happy employees, you have more efficient and productive workers! This is proven in research, y'all!

Sodexo Quality of Life Services focuses on making sure their employees have many of these benefits and more. You should definitely check out the Sodexo Quality of Life Site and check out all the great benefits they offer to their employees.

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[1]: Wikipedia. 2015. Quality of Life.

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