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Milk Nursingwear Review

Milk Nursingwear Clothing Review #breastfeeding #nursing #exclusivepumping

Being a new mom (again) makes for a difficult transition. Figuring out how to take care of the twins and figure out some kind of schedule, giving attention to the Nugget (3), and cleaning and keeping the house, it is SO easy to throw in the towel when it comes to myself. I mean, after all, I have to run this show, right? And really, I would rather lay down and give myself an extra 15 minutes nap than get in the shower some days. What new mom wouldn't? Especially with twins, once you get one quiet and calm, the other one starts up! LOL. 

Well, I knew I would be nursing these twins in some manner, and there are few decent lines of clothing out on the market designed for the nursing mother that are trendy, comfortable and functional. I was totally stoked when I came  across Milk Nursingwear. I received the Sleek gray striped scoop neck nursing top and the Split sleeve nursing dress to give a test and to wear.

I'm quite excited about this company, as it's a woman-owned company. As you all know, it's quite important that I support woman owned businesses that run their businesses with ethical principals. Let's talk a little bit about Milk Nursingwear:
We design fresh, modern clothing for nursing moms and sell chic nursing accessories as well. What sets Milk apart is our sense of fashion and style, and our commitment to supporting all moms through breastfeeding and motherhood.
The inspiration for Milk came after the birth of my first daughter in 1997. Early on I was introduced to the concept of nursingwear. While I loved the discretion and ease that nursing clothing provided, I did not love the dowdy styling. I wanted to feel attractive and fashionable and believed my clothing should reflect that.
Milk Nursingwear Clothing Review #breastfeeding #nursing #exclusivepumpingSo in June 2000, armed with entrepreneurial spirit, my MBA, experience as a Bloomingdale's buyer and a Marketing Manager, I realized my vision by launching a company called Expressiva Nursingwear. After seven successful years of running that company I sold it and created Milk Nursingwear, truly the freshest nursingwear on the planet! We have thousands of happy customers the world over. Click here to see pictures customers have sent us wearing their Milk fashions!

What sets Milk apart is:
  • Excellent customer service. We are here to serve you. We offer fast shipping, easy returns and exchanges, and personal service by email and phone. Fresh, modern styles. We design clothing that is so stylish and flattering, you'd want to wear it even if you weren't nursing! 
  • We support moms. As moms ourselves, we know the joys and challenges that motherhood brings. We offer non-judgmental support for your feeding decisions, parenting decisions, lifestyles, and child-rearing practices. We support your efforts to breastfeed by making it easier and more fashionable for you to do so.
  • Our support of female entrepreneurs. As a second-time entrepreneur, I love hearing about new businesses and helping women who are getting started. To this end, we will be showcasing new products on our site and blog to help new companies gain exposure.
  • A commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. We treat our employees and vendors fairly and with respect. Honesty and integrity guide our business decisions and interactions.

The Sleek gray striped scoop neck nursing top is a fantastic everyday type of top, comfortable and looks great on a post-baby body (even in my yoga pants!). I was quite surprised that despite my previous stretched out skin from my weight before my weight-loss surgery, I still had a lot of stretched out icky skin from the twins. This shirt fits me well, true to size and doesn't have the funky pinches on my arms. I have worn this shirt quite a few times, and it's become a staple in my wardrobe. I love wearing it with jeans and knee high riding boots. My favorite thing about this shirt is that I was able to pump easily on both sides while the twins were in the NICU, without having to strip off my shirt!
The Split sleeve nursing dress is great for that first post-baby date night, a wedding or even the holidays. I love the style, it doesn't show off too much arm flab, and it fits across the right areas, without pulling on the lumpy baby butt, stomach wrong areas. I wore this with navy heels and another time with silver heels and clutch. 

I've washed these a few times and they haven't pilled up or shrunk in any way. The materials are nice and soft, and almost silky to touch, with no funky stretch spots.

You most definitely need to check out this brand if you're a nursing or exclusively pumping mama.

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  1. ive never heard of this line of clothing before,,ill pass it along both my daughter in laws breast fed all their babies

  2. This sounds like a great company for nursing moms. I will be letting my niece know about this site. Thank you for sharing

  3. We love their clothing it is such a great gift for a new mom so stylish and cute.

  4. I feel like this is a positive review! 17 years ago when I had my first son breastfeeding was still not fashionable. These days moms have so many choices!

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  13. I never heard of this nursing wear It looks great and they sound like a great company but sadly I think My BF'ing days are over :( Unless I can finagle one more out of My Hubby

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  16. I was all about nursing wear at first luckily I didn't spend a ton because after about 6 weeks I went back to wearing my regular clothes I always wear an undershirt(tank top) so I never had a problem .

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