Friday, February 6, 2015

Be More Human: Reebok

*This post was sponsored by Reebok via Acceleration Partners. All content and opinions are 100% mine. 

Be More Human. That’s the simple message in Reebok’s new brand campaign, the campaign launched on January 28th, and was highlighted by a Super Bowl TV spot with their new ad, titled "Freak Show" Reebok’s mission is to help every individual realize their full potential in the mental, physical and social aspects of their lives, by encouraging a fitness-focused life, and creating the products to perform in the toughest environments and activities.

Of course I had to take this test to see what it was all about... How about you Take the HUMAN SCORE test from Reebok, too.

Here's my scores: 

Swing by. Take the test. #BeMoreHuman

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  1. So fun! I always love these insightful tests!

  2. That was a fun little quiz! I scored a 92- which is also Brain Buff.

  3. I like that you got "Brain Buff" that's cool! I had to take it too and received the "Fit Spirit". Fun! Thanks for the information. :)

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  5. How fun-- I need to see where I am on this little test. Well I'm a low Brain Buff.. that so funny to me -- thanks this was fun

  6. I'll have to check this out later. It sounds interesting. I'm not physically active, but I enjoy puzzles and such.


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