Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Breastfeeding: 4 Ways to Nurse without Using a Cover

This week Is World Breastfeeding week! So… to keep with that theme we decided to address something very important that may be on the mind of many and can be a bit taboo to some.  Cover or no cover?  Because you know you just totally want to carry an extra item in that already stuffed diaper bag? (do you sense the dripping sarcasm there?).

Did you know… that some women think that nursing without a cover somehow takes away from your modesty and self-respect.  Some just are plain uncomfortable with having their midsection skin exposed.  Some would say nursing without a cover doesn’t keep your boobs private.  Well, here are some ways to create a happy medium in where baby will be happy and less hot, and still keep those personal qualms you have about not nursing with a cover at bay!  Sound too good to be true? You decide if these work for you.  Your feedback is also welcomed!
1.       Baby wearing!  Did you know that the more you wear your baby more oxytocin gets produced with helps in let downs and your milk production?  Having your baby close is not only comfortable for you but also for them.  There are many tutorials out there where you can wear your baby in a carrier and nurse them.  This is SUPER useful while grocery shopping.  You know every child has this instinct to always throw fits, need to use the potty, or just turn into something you don’t recognize when you immediately enter a store! No… just me?  Darn. Okay.  Well, check out these super useful tutorials on wearing.  I am a big advocate for baby wearing and will always use baby wearing as a solution to my woes.   

 Me: Nursing my then 10 week old daughter in a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai, I would have normally been a bit more smiley, but I was really sleep deprived at that point!
No skin showing here that anyone could see!

2.       Remember when your Mom always use to dress you as a kid in layers.  Same concept!  You can wear a nursing tank under a regular top (because nursing tops are expensive!).  There are even co-operative buying groups out there that you can find on Facebook or other social media sites that do nursing wear buys (look for them, they usually offer tanks and things at half of retail pricing).The biggest response we got from other Mom’s for what they currently use are Nursing tanks!  There are some really expensive brands and not so expensive brands out there, but bottom line…Nursing tanks are it.  The nice thing about nursing tanks is they are comfortable to wear to bed (less laundry having to change to pajamas), they are comfortable to wear without a bra (unless you are well endowed in that area), and they go with everything!  You discreetly pull down the clasp of the nursing tank and pull up on your regular top on the side you’re nursing on.  It’s easy, discreet, and baby’s head covers what is “out for use”.

3.       Come on ladies… we know we are women and are ALL about the accessories!  Another hot item that everyone has been raving about (nursing and non-nursing ladies) are infinity scarves. You can find fabric (or an old favorite T-shirt) and make your own, or buy some nice ones at your local Target, Walmart, or any other shop that sells ladies clothing.  The nice thing about wearing scarves is this: You can make it look great no matter the season!  Using a small scarf instead of having a big bulky and hot cover is awesome. You latch baby on while wearing the scarf a bit low and have it hang off to the side to cover any excess skin that isn’t covered by baby.


4.       Work with what you have! Why buy the expensive nursing shirts when half of your tops are probably just as adaptable for nursing?  Button down shirts and sweaters are great.  Wear a stretchy or V-neck t-shirt, pull down from the top and then cover any excess with the button down.  OR you can even just pull up the inner shirt and use the button down to cover your side that is exposed.  Or you know those crazy long panels of stretchy fabric on your maternity pants? Yeah, you know they’re still comfortable after the baby is born… You can still use that panel.  The panel goes up high and covers excess skin and you just lift up your shirt to nurse.

The bottom line with nursing discreetly without a cover is comfort.  You need to be comfortable with your own skin and know that it’s actually a common practice to not use one now a days.  Whether you are trying to be discreet in your own home while visitors come, a restaurant filled with people, or a large mall with lots of passer byes… Comfort is key.  The more normalization you give to nursing in public the more people will feel that they too can be less stressed in breastfeeding less stress also means better milk production.  So nurse away friends!

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