Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pampers Premium Care Diapers

When we first found out I was pregnant with twins, one of my first thoughts was "you're joking, right"?! After laughing maniacally for close to ten minutes (maybe longer?), I started thinking about all the expenses that comes with one baby... Then, surprise... there were two... 

We combo diapered Nugget, using disposable and cloth diapers, and cloth trainers, but throw away pull-ups at night... After a lot of talking, I started freaking out. "Diapers, how many, what brand, how much will we spend." I began to consider the pros and cons of disposables vs. cloth, and let me tell you, with twins that's a lot of poop. Twice the babies, twice the adorableness, but twice the POOP! Having an older child helped me here too, as we'd experimented with diaper brands once before. We fell in love with Pampers diapers for our go to 'sposies when we couldn't cloth diaper our oldest. 

When our twins were born early, and needed to spend time in the NICU, I was glad to see that they used Pampers Swaddlers. I knew the soft exterior of the Swaddlers diaper wouldn't scratch their new, and tender skin. One of the greatest things about Swaddlers was the wetness indicator that runs front to back. It starts out yellow, and turns blue if the baby has wet their diaper. No matter what angle they wet at, the indicator catches it. 

You can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to try the new "Pampers Premium Care" diapers, that feel and look so much like my favorite swaddlers, with added bonuses. These new Premium Care diapers have the wetness indicator, a soft Absorb Away liner, that wicks the moisture away from the skin, really awesome Extra Absorb channels to evenly distribute the wetness through the entire diaper, they breath which is essential to a clean and happy diaper area and catch this- They're Hypoallergenic! Perfect for twins born early, with sensitive skin! 

When we first used them,  I held high expectations because I've never been let down with Pampers products before, and I definitely wasn't let down! They feel so light weight, unlike many other diapers on the market today, they don't leave a humongous diaper bulge on our kiddos even though they're dry. Not only that, we're not having to increase their clothing size due to "needing that extra space from diapers"!  

I'm sure that makes them more comfortable for them too, as they're now becoming more mobile and starting to crawl. With them moving and grooving, we were checking for leaks that we had commonly found around the leg bands of our chunky little miss, not a single drop was found. I was overjoyed that we didn't have to change outfits 10 times before the day was over due to diaper leakage or blow outs! We already have enough laundry to do! These diapers have 12 hour leakage protection, so they're great for babies who are starting to sleep through the night. The hypoallergenic diaper's absorb away layer pulls the moisture and mess away from the skin, which helps that breathable layer to keep baby's bottom nice and dry, to prevent diaper rash which is absolutely great for those with sensitive skin. 

Over all, I can't say enough positive things about these diapers they're definitely the go to diaper in our house! They can be a staple in your home too starting later this month! They'll be available for you to purchase them and try them for your little ones at Walmart stores near you!

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