Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Your new travel necessity: First Aid Shot Therapy

Who else gets a headache from even thinking about traveling with kids? I know I do. With twins under one, one of them medically fragile, travel becomes the equivalent to a four letter word. However, I came across these sweet little shots that are the super quick cure all for all your travel ailments- headaches, hives, and even a *cough* hangover from one too many glasses of wine! 

The new essential for your first aid kit, FDA-Compliant First Aid Shot Therapy has a whole slew of things to cure your ailments. From a cold, to a hang over, they've got you covered. There's no pills, just An innovative shot, similar to an energy shot, that can be thrown into your carry on, backpack or purse to have on hand when you're busy with your summer travels. It's got a pleasant taste, with little to no aftertaste, and it's F.A.S.T. acting. 

When I got the opportunity to try them, I was excited to see that it could take my  nasty headache away rather quickly. I was skeptical, as I am whenever anyone describes something as "magical." I have to agree, they definitely work F.A.S.T.! I'm constantly riddled with chronic headaches, and it took it away in a flash. I've been known to pack just about every kind of headache medicine in my travel bags, but I can get away with just a few of these new F.A.S.T's. Be sure to snag some to keep with you on your end of summer, last minute memory making trips! You'll be glad you used them! 

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