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The Legoland California Resort Difference: Experience the Awesome 3

As I told you in part one of my LegoLand California Resort review, our experience was unlike any other vacation we have ever experienced.We truly had fun together - yes I said together, as a family- as in I didn't feel the need to lock myself in the hotel bathroom and scream into a towel and raid the minibar to relieve the stress.

The interactive experiences at LEGOLAND California Resort were FUN for our family to enjoy TOGETHER!

Not only is LEGOLAND California Resort designed with kids in mind by providing play areas for a great change in pace, but the interactive experiences throughout the park create a new level of entertainment.  One of my favorite things about this vacation is the time we spent together as a family.  The interactive experiences gave us an opportunity to work together as a team and create wonderful memories.

The LEGOLAND Difference: Experience the AWESOME

Fun Town Police and Fire Academy
Experience the FUN
At the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy, your family sees if they have what it takes to works as a fire fighting team. When a building in Fun Town catches fire you must come to the aid of the Fun Town Fire Academy to help "put the wet stuff on the hot stuff."

Get a work out driving your fire truck and aiming your hose to put out the fire. My kiddos had a blast and really got into putting the fire out!

Our family of 4 had a blast working together as a team. Sweetie and Hubby took turns steering the fire truck, while Hubby provided the man power, pumping a lever up and down to make it move.  Upon our arrival Buddy and Sweetie each took a hose to aim water at the fire while Hubby and I "turned on" the fire hydrant.

This is an active attraction. There is physical work involved in getting your vehicle to move. If you have health issues you should watch a few groups before getting involved.

Calling All Adventurers

Our family became explorers at the Adventurers' Club searching for the seven lost keys. This move at your own pace journey is full of interactive surprises. My family enjoyed walking through this attraction, working together as a team, and exploring each new area.

This is another example of a fabulous change of pace that LEGOLAND California Resort offers for parents to "mix-it up" to meet their family's needs. Not only did we have a great time together as a family, but it also let us slow down to help prevent exhaustion.

*Sensory Warning*
Some of the areas sound effects and lighting were a little spooky for my 5 year old. However he braved through it and even wanted to go through a second time.

Children with noise sensitivities may have a difficult time on this adventure. Despite the fact that everything is created with LEGOS, the ambiance could be scary for a young child (ex. an Egyptian tomb).

MINDSTORMS - Ages 9 and Up
Sign up for a LEGO MINDSTORMS activity in the Imagination Zone. This hands-on tutorial currently gives registered guests the opportunity to build, program, and command computerized robots. Spaces are limited, so you should register early in the day. Be aware that this attraction is subject to closure from 10am-2pm on weekdays for Education Program classes.

While we were unable to participate, since my kiddos are not yet 9 years old, I still wanted to add this in my review for those of you with kiddos that age to make sure that you sign-up.

"Everything is Awesome!"

The LEGO Movie Experience immerses you
into the LEGO Movie.  You enter the basement of "the man upstairs" to view the actual movie set.

Park employees are available to answer questions and actively engage children and adults in trivia.

Search the set, while you learn about the models and minifigures used in the movie.

My entire family LOVED this. We actually toured the set each day we were at the resort and enjoyed finding something new each time.


Picture yourself with a LEGO Character
Sweetie grabbing a cookie off the wall
In front of the LEGO Movie Experience is the location for several scheduled character meet and greets. My daughter was so excited to meet Wylde Style.

If you are not in this area during a live "character meet and greet" there are still tons of opportunities to take your picture with your favorite characters. My children loved posing with the paintings on the walls.

Minifigure Trading

If you know a child who has LEGOS, there is a good chance that they have minifigures. My kiddos love playing with their minifigures. They always seem to notice the smallest differences between each of them and love looking at the detail. When packing for LEGOLAND, I highly recommend having your child sort through their minifigs at home and bring all of the ones they are not "in love with" in a ziploc bag, because it is trading time!

They of course sell minifigures in the park, but this was a great way to change out the ones we have at home.

Employees throughout the LEGOLAND California Resort have a minifigure attached to their name tag. This isn't to taunt the children with the cool minifigs - it's for trading. A child simply requests to trade and exchanges a minifigure for the one the employee has.

*Mama Tip*
To make this process easy I kept two ziploc bags with us, labeled KEEP and TRADE - if one bag is tinted or looks a little different it is even better. This way whenever my child wanted to trade, they just pulled any figure from the trade bag, since they had already decided that those were for trading.The new treasure went into their KEEP bag.

Each evening, in our hotel room, my kiddos went through their bags. This was a time for them to examine their minifigs, talk about what they liked about each one, and decide if any from the keep bag needed to be moved to the trade bag. Once they decided which minifigures they would keep they were emptied into a pocket in our suitcase and the empty KEEP bag and somewhat full TRADE bag returned with us to the park for another day of fun.

Employees wearing a minifigure to trade can be found throughout the park, however there are some attractions/stores that are designated minifigure trading stations. These locations offer a variety of minifigures for your LEGO loving lad to peruse. If your park map states that an area is for Minifigure Trading and you don't see lots of minifigs in a display box then simply let your child practice their people skills by requesting to see the minifigures for trade.

On more than one occasion my kiddos requested to trade at restaurants. Restaurant staff are not able trade their minifig, since it is Kragled, glued, to their name tag.  For sanitary reasons, the only trading in restaurants occurs at the register. No fear, we found a box full of trading options.

*Mama Tip*
Waiting to be seated in a restaurant with kiddos in need of something to do? Request to see the restaurant's minifigure trading box. This was a great way for my children to spend their time while waiting. Not only did they enjoy selecting a minifigure for trading, but I used it as an opportunity for my children to employ descriptive language to talk with me about each minifigure.

One evening, while waiting to be seated during the "dinner rush" my kiddos created a story out of the minifigures they had collected that day. This was a great opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles!

Please & Thank You, Even on Vacation!!!
I love turning situations into learning opportunities for my children.  While many people who know my kiddos would never believe it, they are actually very shy. Trading mini-figures created multiple opportunities for my children to speak to adults and politely request a trade.  This is a great opportunity to enforce those beautiful phrases of, "May I please..." and "Thank you." I love reinforcing the importance of social skills and manners.

There are many fun activities for a family to enjoy together. All of the variety allows your family to tailor your experience for the ideal vacation. So far I have focused on the attractions at LEGOLAND
California Resort. The next part of this series will go into detail about the the awesome entertainment that gave my family the opportunity to rest our feet while flexing our lungs with laughter during the family friendly shows. 

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