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Ramblings of Mama is a personal blog, written by just another early thirty-something boho mama trying to figure herself out, dancing in the dandelions... Loving family, loving life, and learning to love herself.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about myself and my blog!

I am a mama to a sweet four year old little girl, who I affectionately call Nugget, and boy/girl twins that were 1 on Halloween. They were preemie fighters and spent almost 10 weeks in the NICU. We also recently took in my 13 year old nephew that I homeschool, and we call him our "Bonus Kid". I am married to an amazing, generous, extremely patient, law enforcement officer, my best friend, and we've been together almost 12 years. I'm one of five children, three sisters and one brother.

In addition to being a mama, wife, sister and daughter, I am a blogger, PR Friendly Brand Ambassador, Social Media Consultant, Master's Level Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and Certified Lactation Counselor. I have been writing this blog since before I was married, as an attempt to chronicle my wedding planning and life. This blog has evolved from a personal journal to what you currently see today. 

I studied at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama for my undergraduate degree and received my Master's in Occupational Therapy at University of Saint Augustine, Florida campus. Though I consider myself a pediatric OT, I have worked in Inpatient Acute Care, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation and various geriatric/sub-acute settings. I enjoy working with children with all diagnoses, but tend to focus my practice on Sensory Integration and feeding. In May 2014, I earned my Lactation Counselor Certification, after providing over three years of peer-to-peer breastfeeding support.

I love to support other moms in their journeys towards self-realization, figuring out what kind of mama they want to be. I am a 5-year post-operative gastric bypass patient and runs support groups for post-operative Bariatric patients on their quest to motherhood and successful breast feeding. I have lost over 140 pounds, successfully, and have had two successful pregnancies following surgery. I love to support and help others, no matter what the goal they strive to achieve. 

In the recent past, I have joined a health and wellness company that has allowed me to help others on their quests for health and financial freedom. Being with AdvoCare has allowed me to stay home with my twin children, something I didn't get to do with Nugget. 

I tend to consider myself a cafeteria attachment parent, selecting the parenting "rules" that work best for our family,
We are somewhat crunchy and naturally minded, but not afraid of necessary mainstream medical intervention when it's necessary. After all, being an Occupational Therapist has taught me about a holistic approach to intervention, health and wellness. I consider myself a realistic optimist, and loves my family and friends more than life itself.

Ramblings of Mama readers come by to read Mama's rambles, some amazing recipes, kitchen time savers while planning, and cooking hacks, check out detailed product reviews, learn some mama tips, and just share real stories about everyday life. Ramblings of Mama provides product/service reviews and giveaways, in addition to engaging readers with posts that provoke thought, make life just a little bit easier, remind all that life can always be just a little sweeter.

To get to know me, please feel free to read some of my previous rambles about life, parenting, and Weight Loss Surgery.

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