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Thank you for your interest in advertising with
Ramblings of Mama!

Thanks for swinging by to learn more about Ramblings of Mama's Media and Advertising policies. We offer many packages and opportunities to work together in order to maximize your advertising goals. If I have missed something or you would like to discuss packaging multiple items, please contact me for details.


Ramblings of Mama's average readers are parents between 20-45 years of age, long-term relationships/newlyweds, expecting or already have children. We have roughly a 40/60 split in male and female readers, spread between the US, Canada, UK. We even have a few token grandparents that love to follow as well, to learn about all the new baby stuff they should find for their new grand-babies! 

Ramblings of Mama is about all kinds of families, as I feel diversity is the true American family. Our readers come by to read Mama's rambles, see product reviews, learn mama tips, read and plan recipes, and share stories about life. Though I may occasionally be PG-13, I try to focus on family friendly posts that I won't be embarrassed if my children read in a few years. In addition to my snarky optimism, I provide reviews and giveaways, in addition to engaging my readers with posts that help make life just a little sweeter and easier for them. I love connecting with my readers via social media, so our Facebook wall has great follower participation.


While our numbers are growing daily, below lists an approximation based on the average of recent activity.

Current as of 1/15/2015
Google Page Rank: 3 
Page Authority: 42
Domain Authority: 36.85
Facebook fans: 10,165
Pinterest followers: 15,195
Twitter followers: 17,620
YouTube subscribers: 3,181
Instagram followers: 4,299
Email and RSS subscribers: ~6,790
Amazon Reviewer Ranking: 251,137  (and climbing)

***Policies Updated 1/15/15***


Review products are not limited to any one category. As a Mama, wife, pediatric Occupational Therapist, Certified Lactation Consultant, Aunt, and pet-parent, I am interested in a wide range of products. In regards to product and service reviews, I am interested in reviewing a large assortment of items, as my readers prefer variety in the type of posts I provide. I like to switch things up! Please contact me regarding your request, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please provide a full-size item for review valued at least $50, multiple items can be combined to fulfill this value. An additional nominal advertising fee may be required to maximize your promotion, which has proven extremely beneficial for our sponsors.  Sample sizes are not adequate to fully test a product and give thorough feedback.  Once an items are received for review, it becomes sole property of the reviewer, and items are not returned unless prior arrangement is discussed. Sponsor is responsible for shipping. Review turn around time varies depending on the type of product, though is generally between 2-6 weeks, unless timeline is previously discussed and agreed upon. Review posts include a company introduction and product description, multiple pictures, our review of the product(s), and links to your company and social media pages. In addition, you may suggest keywords, though we cannot guarantee that we will use all suggested/requested keywords in the post, and are subject to approval of the post editor. All links are placed as "no-follow" links, in accordance with FTC guidelines.

We request a high resolution image of your logo, as well as any additional photos you feel may be beneficial to our post. However, these photos will be subject to approval of the editor. Once your post is scheduled, you will be provided the link and date of post. We schedule post and product mentions across Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest included in our review schedule. If you have a question regarding the amount of social media exposure your post will receive following a product review, please feel free to ask for clarification. In the event additional social media exposure is requested, an additional fee may be assessed. Please see below for additional fee schedule below.

Please note, we provide honest opinions of the products we receive. Oftentimes, I will post pros and cons in my reviews. This is not what I consider a negative post, just my way of providing honest feedback. We will not publish a completely negative review without prior notification. We want to trouble shoot any potential problems and determine if it is user error or a flaw in design, before making any judgments. In the event we are unable to provide a positive review, we will contact you to further discuss our concerns regarding the product, prior to publishing the review. If we are unable to contact you, we will place the review on hold until we are able to discuss the matter. In the event that you are providing a service and we have some negative feedback, please understand, we will highlight the positive points of your service, but will give honest feedback, as our readers value our integrity.

Complete programs and applications are required for computer program and mobile application reviews, as partial or "free" apps lack complete features required for thorough review. Fees begin at $150 (USD). Social media promotion will include 1 facebook post and 3 twitter posts. For Pinterest and/or Instagram advertising, please see below rates.

VIDEO AND/OR PERISCOPE REVIEWS: If you would like to request a video review of your product to be promoted via our YouTube Channel or Periscope feed, in addition to the written website review, an additional fee will be assessed due to additional time required for shooting and editing. Periscope and YouTube reviews/unboxing will be cross promoted via facebook and twitter.
Please contact for fee schedule and guidelines.


If you would to sponsor a giveaway, your fee is assessed to compensate for the time involved preparing the post and advertising your product. This fee may be increased with giveaways that require a considerable amount of coordination and promotion. An additional fee may be assessed in order to increase reach of your promotion via advertisement of the giveaway across multiple promotional listing sites, or in order to coordinate a multiple blogger giveaway event (see below for details). Please note, it can take upwards of 15-20 hours to coordinate a giveaway and provide the quality of promotion in order for it to be successful.

All contests with a value of $50 or under are held and promoted for minimum 7-14 days. All contests with a value of $51 or over will stay up for a minimum of 14-21 days. However, in some cases, this time frame is altered to provide your company with a specific date range, flash giveaway promotion, major event, or blog hop. All giveaways will be advertised on social media 2-3 times weekly to maximize exposure. If additional social media promotion and advertising is requested, a fee will be assessed.

We encourage our entrants to to visit, interact, and follow your social networking pages and/or website via high value extra entries. Additionally, please read over "Social Media Updates" below for information regarding allowed social media entry options.

We use Giveaway Tools for entry method. Once the giveaway has concluded, winners are be chosen via We verify the winning entry; once that is completed, the winner has 48-72 hours to respond to their notification email. In the event they do not respond, another winner is selected. Once we receive the verified winner's information, we will then email you with the necessary information for prize fulfillment.

*Please note: Only the winner's information will be provided at the end of the giveaway. We are able add an "join this newsletter" option at your request. However, we do not provide a list of all entrants' email addresses for giveaways, only those that select to have their information shared. Please see our privacy policy and disclosures for more information.

GIVEAWAY PRIZE FULFILLMENT IS TO BE COMPLETED AT THE EXPENDITURE OF THE SPONSOR. If the prize needs to be shipped, shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the sponsor. Items sent to blogger will not be shipped to winner unless previous arrangements are made, and will be donated to local charities and prize will not be considered fulfilled.
Rates vary based on quantity of participating bloggers, required turn around time, prize value you’re offering, length of campaign. My fee for this service begins around $150, and increases based upon time required for event coordination.  This includes the organization of the event, forms, HTML, Images for event, email correspondence with bloggers, and more. Giveaways such as these are quite beneficial for our sponsors to increase your social media exposure. I have coordinated multiple large events, with social media reaches greater than 400k+.


If you would like us to write an article about your company, site or service, our rate for this service varies based on requested minimum word count, time frame requested and level of advertisement requested. In addition, all pre-written content will be reviewed and must be approved prior to publication, as to ensure the post meets our standards and guidelines. Ramblings of Mama reserves the right to edit any pre-written content, in order for it to fit within the tone of our site. We will not publish any content that has tones of discrimination of gender, age, race or sexual orientation. Basic fee schedule is listed below.
  • Post with a minimum of 200 words with rates starting at $150 and increases accordingly.
  • Press releases or articles with content provided in full, for minimum rate of $150, and increase based on the desired level of social media exposure, required time for editing to correct grammar and tone, image creation, etc. 
  • Posts that include more than two photos or any video content will incur additional surcharges.
  • Fee may be increased based upon the type, length of content or if post is to be published in an urgent manner, as we typically schedule our posts 7-21 days in advance. 
  • Social Media promotion includes 1-2 mentions on Facebook/Twitter, and Instagram with an additional fee. 
  • Additional Social Media promotion can be requested for a nominal fee, see Social Media Packages below. 

ADVERTISING: ***Special New Year Rates***

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us! We will only place family friendly advertisements that align with the views of the majority of our readers.Under no uncertain terms, will we place any ads that discriminate based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. Advertisement discount packages are available for a 3-months and 1-year packages paid in advance. Discounts are available for multiple advertisement packages, those purchasing multiple text or image links, and dependent on duration of advertisement contract.

Fee Schedule: ***Special New Year Rates***

Advertisers on Ramblings of Mama will receive prime placement on our homepage. In addition to ad placement, there will be a monthly written blog post with featuring our monthly advertisers and sponsors with links and logos. Ad will run exactly 30 days from either the 1st or 15th of the month depending on date of the contract. Ad banner will be provided by you and will be linked to your site. ALL LINKS ARE NO-FOLLOW LINKS. Tracking data is available.
  • Text Link: $20/month Six Available: Discounts available for multiple links.
  • 150 x 150px Image: $25/month Eight Available: These will be placed throughout the side bar, rotated through the 30 day advertisement period. This package includes mention with link in the monthly sponsor post, includes 1 social media post.
  • 140 x 240px Image: $30/month Two available: This advertisement will be featured in the side bar, includes mention with link in the monthly sponsor post, includes 2 social media posts.
  • 468 x 60px Image: $40/month One available: This advertisement will be featured in the side bar, includes mention with link in the monthly sponsor post, includes 2 social media posts.
  • 250 x 250px Image: $50/month Two available: These feature ads are always at the top of all sponsors in the side bar and includes mention with link in the monthly sponsor post, includes 4 social media posts.
  • Additional sizes available: please request fee schedule
  • Blogger/Etsy Shop Special: 150x150px Image $25/60 days and includes 2 social media posts and mention in sponsor newsletter.

Social Media Promotion:
Reviews, giveaways, and sponsored posts are promoted via our social media channels. Reviews and sponsored posts receive 2 posts via Facebook and Twitter. Giveaways are advertised a minimum of 2-3 times weekly, throughout the duration of the promotional period. Promotions will be scheduled throughout peak traffic times of day/week.
Pinterest promotion includes pinning of images on individual and group boards. Image to be utilized for Pinterest must be pre-approved by editor of this blog, and editor reserves the right to request or recommend edits as necessary. If image development/editing is required, additional fee may be required. Both Instagram and Pinterest Promotions will be promoted across Twitter and Facebook. We will not publish/pin any content that has tones of discrimination of gender, age, race or sexual orientation, under any circumstances. Additional social media promotion packages are available, please email for details.
  • Twitter/Facebook Promotion 4 posts: $50
  • Twitter/Facebook Promotion 10 posts: $75
  • Twitter/Facebook Promotion 20 posts: $125
  • Instagram Promotion: $45 per image 
  • Pinterest Promotion: $45 per image/pin 
  • Pinterest Promotion (multiple): $60 for 3 pins with over 15-20k followers minimum.  
  • Periscope and YouTube Unboxing/review: $100


At this time, free promotional work is not a part of our business plan. However, if you truly think that the Ramblings of Mama readership would be a great fit with your company, please contact me and we can further discuss negotiation regarding paid campaigns, partnership opportunities and/or ad placement!


In the event your company requires alteration of a published post, a nominal fee will be assessed for alteration of any post after a 5-day period following  publication. Please email for information.


Payment is accepted via Paypal with fees to be paid by sponsor/advertiser.

Payments must be made through Paypal prior to publication and services rendered.
Payments for ads: Must be made through Paypal and before ad is hosted.


We will post a disclosure on ALL sponsored post content, reviews, giveaways and disclose all relationships in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Asking for an exception to these terms is in direct violation of the FTC guidelines. Additionally, all links are placed as "no-follow" links, in accordance with FTC guidelines. Please, for more information, see these sites for additional information regarding the difference between "no-follow" and "dofollow" links: wordstreamshoutmeloudbeginnersbook, SITS Girls.

We value our readers' privacy and will only provide information when given their explicit consent. Due to this, we prefer to manage our giveaway forms, in order to ensure continuity of entry style and to maintain maximum privacy for our entrant. Following a recent survey of our readers, their primary concern is that they feel a company is automatically given all of their personal information, including email addresses. In order to provide our readers with maximum privacy, we will not provide or sell a listing of giveaway entrants or their email addresses. However, we can offer an entry option for the entrant to provide their email address for your newsletter/mailing list.


Facebook: Just a reminder that as of November 5, 2014, you can no longer ask for likes on a FB page as part of a giveaway entry. For additional information, please see here:
The August 7 blog post from the FB Developer page:
Changes to Platform Policy, bullet point #2:

"You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page. It remains acceptable to incentivize people to login to your app, checkin at a place or enter a promotion on your app's Page. To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike." 

Attempting to circumvent these new guidelines can result in the deletion and banning of your brand Facebook page.

According to Google Terms of Service, we cannot include Google + as giveaway entry.
Please see the Rafflecopter Blog for details on Google+ as an entry option, as well as this information from the Google+ Terms of Service and Contest Policy.
You may not run contests, sweepstakes, or other such promotions directly on Google+ or in a manner that requires use of G+ features or functionality, except by pre-approved means. You may display a link on Google+ to a separate site where your Promotion is hosted so long as you (and not Google) are solely responsible for your Promotion and for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where your Promotion is offered or promoted. Your Promotion must not be run or conducted in a way which conflicts with the Buttons Policy, Privacy Policy or Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service and cannot use Google+ features or functionality as a required part of the Promotion. Google has the right to remove your Promotion content or links from Google+ for any reason.

Thank you again for your interest in advertising with
Ramblings of Mama. 

Please contact Michelle for information.