What You Need To Know About Drug Testing And How To Pass It

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Drug tests are technical analysis of biological specimen usually carried out to find out if an individual or group of people have been using illegal drugs or have some trace of prescription drugs. These tests can be done using specimens such as urine, saliva, blood, skin, hair follicles, breath, and sweat. Here are some of the people that may have to take these tests.

Athletes – most professional sporting institutions do not allow participants to use any type of drug that is likely to enhance performance. Steroids are particularly banned across various sporting fields. To ensure no one gets an unfair advantage over fellow sportsmen it is standard practice for random drug tests to be carried out. Individuals that are found guilty of using any banned substances may face an array of penalties including disqualification, stripping of titles and getting banned from participation for a period stipulated.

Employees and students – federal institutions run drug tests before employing potential candidates. It is worth pointing out that various organizations continue running random tests to ascertain that their employees are free of any drugs. Students may also be taken through these tests to discourage the use of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances.

Tips for passing drug tests

When faced with a drug test do not panic and instead consider the various strategies you can implement to enhance your chances of testing negative. It is wise for you to do some investigation so you are aware of the exact type of test that will be taking place. Keep in mind that getting ready for a saliva test only to realize that you will be subjected to a hair follicle test can be disastrous.

Drink plenty of fluids – healthy fluids are likely to keep your system working optimally. You will have enough fluids in your system to get rid of toxins. Water is the most reliable type of fluid to use. However, you can supplement this by taking fresh juices and energy drinks.

Consider herbal diuretics – these herbs are able to speed up the rate at which you pass urine and this can be a natural way of getting rid of toxins. Some of the herbs that may be used include parsley, nettle, and horsetail.

Exercises regularly – engaging in exercise makes it possible for your body to function optimally. It also ensures that you sweat enough to get rid of toxins.

Use special products – products such as Nexxus aloe rid shampoo 2018 can be ideal for washing off any drug residue from your body.

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